Thursday, March 19, 2015

So call me when you're not so busy just thinking of yourself


FCUK ombre jacket (another great open jacket option here, and here in colour!), ASOS tartan blanket scarf, Old Navy knit sweater (similar here), GAP 1969 boyfriend jeans (current season here), Zara beanie (similar here), ShoeMint Milly boots (similar here)

Man, March is totally kicking my butt! I started off my birthday month by getting food poisoning (I think the third year in a row means it's officially a tradition..) followed by a bout of the flu that currently has me croaking like a little old lady who smokes three packs a day. On the upside, feeling the sun tickle my face these past few days has given me enough of a boost to power through the rest of the week.

Hope everyone is staying healthy enough to enjoy the longer days!

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Kiara Schwartz said...

Cute look babe!


Tobruckave Blog said...

Dying over this outfit. You look so effortless and chic. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

alison*elle said...

Eep, hope you're feeling better. Food poisoning AND the flu... majorly no bueno. At least you're staying cozy!

Joanna said...

Thanks for the well wishes! I have no clue what I did this time around, but I totally kicked that flu's butt in record time!

Joanna said...


Joanna said...

Thank you!

maggie said...

I'm loving those boots! Hope you get better. I hate food poisoning. It totally ruins everything. :(


Maggie S.


TrendyOnABudget said...

ah! that stinks but hopefully you are feeling better. Happy Bday. Love this entire ensemble!