Tuesday, October 15, 2013

You should beware, beware, beware of a woman with a broken heart

P1220722 (1)

ASOS faux fur gilet, Zara jacket (other fun combination jackets here, here, and here), GAP boyfriend jeans, Bloch Hannah shoes, Alexander Wang Rockie in Mercury (in Tundra here)

I often lament that I'm caught in a vicious circle: I don't own any casual flat shoes because I don't wear them often... and I don't wear them often because I don't own any. This has often lead me to put back pair after pair of flat shoes after PN comments 'They're nice and all, but honestly.. how often would you wear them?'

Enter these shoes. I spotted them in the recently opened HR2 store in Vaughan Mills and I was instantly drawn to them. They have the look of an oxford, but the comfort and flexibility of a ballet shoe.. and I mean an actual ballet slipper, not the 'ballet flats' that you will find in all shoe stores. They're made of an extremely soft and supple leather that required absolutely no breaking in. I'm hoping these beauties have officially broken me out of my 'no flat shoes' cycle!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dreams come slow and they go so fast


Wilfred Free Yasmin dress, Brandy Melville cardigan, ASOS over the knee socks, Shoedazzle Hailee boots, H&M necklace, Alexander Wang Rockie in Mercury (in Tundra here)

I am definitely part of the crowd that thinks that Aritzia items are insanely priced for what they are. I do enjoy browsing the store and trying on their pieces, but I almost always end up putting them back because it's hard to justify a $160 price tag for a basic dress. I would much rather wait for their 'huge' sales (and by huge, I mean $5 off a $100 tag), because some discount is better than none. 

However, it wasn't the case with this Wilfred Free dress. I know it's on the 'simpler' side, but the fact that you can wear it with the cutout in the front or the back makes it seem like you are getting two different dresses in one! I've definitely maximized my CPW in the short amount of time I've had this in my closet, which takes some of the sting out of the price tag. I'm actually quite pleased with the dresses Wilfred Free line (I also own the Parleur dress, purchased on sale), and the mid-range prices are not too cringe inducing. I won't be buying out the entire line any time soon, but I won't feel particularly guilty if I can't wait for the sale price!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I've never been a swimmer but I know that I'll never drown



ASOS lace dress, H&M x MMM plexiglass wedges (similar here and here), Zara clutch, Banana Republic Regalia earrings

I'm one of those girls that like to collect dresses for no good reason other than the idea that an occasion may come up where I desperately need one.. which is why this particular dress has been sitting in my closet unworn for almost a full year! I'm sure you ladies know how it is. You're always able to find some amazing dresses when you don't actually need one, but the moment you do... BAM! Nothing works and you're left scrambling to find something.. anything!

.. at least that's what I tell PN when he asks why I need another new dress when I have three at home with the tags still attached. That, along with 'but I have a coupon!' are some pretty valid reasons if you ask me.