Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I've never been a swimmer but I know that I'll never drown



ASOS lace dress, H&M x MMM plexiglass wedges (similar here and here), Zara clutch, Banana Republic Regalia earrings

I'm one of those girls that like to collect dresses for no good reason other than the idea that an occasion may come up where I desperately need one.. which is why this particular dress has been sitting in my closet unworn for almost a full year! I'm sure you ladies know how it is. You're always able to find some amazing dresses when you don't actually need one, but the moment you do... BAM! Nothing works and you're left scrambling to find something.. anything!

.. at least that's what I tell PN when he asks why I need another new dress when I have three at home with the tags still attached. That, along with 'but I have a coupon!' are some pretty valid reasons if you ask me.

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LC said...

this dress is GORGEOUS on you. super classy and loooove the pops of red!

Buggiebean said...

Gorgeous!!!!! It fits you like a glove! I also love your hair!

priincess emily said...


Kate Amunrud said...

I love this dress! It is so beautiful.

GiovannaPacini said...

Such a cute look! Loving your dress!