Thursday, August 1, 2013

Who wants that perfect love story any way

Like I mentioned in this post, Boohoo is a well-known UK retailer of fast fashion that has recently launched it's Canadian website. I attended their launch party last month, and as a part of their goody bag, they generously included a $60 credit to their website. Browsing their stock can be quite overwhelming as they get tons of new products daily, but their filtering options are easy to use and are extremely helpful.

Julia Box Pleat Sleeveless Dress in Mustard
Size UK6
Chest: 15 inches/38 cm
Waist: 13 inches/33 cm
Length: 32.5 inches/82.5 cm

As you can see, the Julia dress was just a very bad fit overall. It was very tight across the chest and I found the armholes to be quite small. The waist of the dress fell closer towards my hips which gave me the illusion of a really long, awkward torso. The skirt portion was limp and bore little resemblance to the full skirt in the product photo. Despite being a polyester/elastane blend, the zipperless dress was quite difficult to get in and out of, and I thought the plastic black belt it came with cheapened the look of the dress.

Zara Slash Neck Crop Top in Black and White
Size UK6
Chest: 12 inches/30.5 cm
Waist: 11 inches/28 cm
Length: 13 inches/33 cm

Katty Scuba Box Pleat Skirt in Berry
Size UK6
Waist: 12 inches/30.5 cm
Length: 16 inches/41 cm

I had been searching for the perfect crop top for quite some time now, and it was surprising how difficult it was to find one that fit me the way I wanted it to. These crop tops are made of viscose and elastane, so they are quite stretchy and very breathable. I do like the way that they fit and the fact that the bottom portion actually lies flat against my stomach. However, because the material is so thin, it can get sheer when stretched out. With the black version, even a nude bra is visible under certain lighting. I haven't experienced that problem with the white top, though. This problem might be solved if you size up, but that is just a suggestion.

I was most excited for the Katty skirt, and it certainly did live up to my expectations. It has an elastic waistband that sits at my natural waist comfortably. Again, there is no zipper on this polyester/elastane blend skirt, which seems to be a common theme in Boohoo clothes. There are no complaints here though, as the skirt is easy to get in to and just as full as the product photo shows it to be. The only downside is that the back can get a bit rumpled when you sit on it for too long.

Like any online retailer, there are definite hits and misses. One thing I have to commend Boohoo on is their fast shipping and handling time! I placed my order on a Thursday, it was processed on the Friday, and delivered from the UK on Tuesday. Another huge bonus is that shipping is free, and you can expect to not pay any additional customs/duties charges. That, combined with frequent coupon codes (use code CAD25 now to get 25% off your entire order!) means that Boohoo has made it on to my list of online retailers that I frequent almost daily!

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Elle said...

Great review, J! I think Boohoo dresses can be awkwardly designed. I tried the Milly Dress recently and encountered the same issues that you discussed in this post. The skirt looks really great on you though! :)

Tiffany said...

I've been looking for a yellow skirt or dress for a while and I got excited when I saw this picture. Too bad you didn't like the fit though. How is the quality of boohoo clothing?

Joanna said...

It's similar to that of Forever21. The skirt, while thick and durable, feels like it will start to pill after a while. I think you might encounter the same thing with all of their poly/elastane blend pieces.