Friday, February 8, 2013

He said 'if you dare, come a little closer'

Wilfred tie-front blouse (similar here), Forever21 knit cardigan, Joe Fresh leggings, Zara ankle booties, Belle Noelle wishbone necklace (similar here)

I just spent 45 minutes digging my car out from knee-height snow, only to come back to a fresh blanket of snow on my previously shoveled back porch. Anyone living in warmer climates who say they 'miss the snow so much' can go suck it.

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Kristy said...

Shovelling the snow is pretty much redundant at this point. The snow is not stopping anytime soon! :( Love the cardigan btw, especially the shorter sleeves. It looks different! :D

Kri said...

LOL Well you still managed to look good after shovelling the snow!! Stay warm! ^_^

phiphi said...

i'm over the snow!! good job with shoveling the snow!!

xox P

Buggiebean said...

I totally agree with you about people claiming to miss the snow! Pul-leeze then you can go shovel my car and melt the ice on my stoop!

You look so warm in your outfit, i'm sure it was freezing!! The booties are too cute

Dianne T said...

LOLOL I feel the exact same! I just want winter to be over already :/

EV said...

Aw~ too bad I don't get to see snow this year T___T but, cute outfit! Love the boots too~


virginia said...

cool look! you seem to be so trendy and comfy girl! love it!