Monday, October 29, 2012

After the war we said we'd fight together


Joe Fresh cardigan, Forever21 lace peplum top (similar here), Ebay fleece tights, Diba boots via Winners, H&M gold belt

Hope all those in Hurricane Sandy's path are staying safe and warm!

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EV said...

So love this outfit~ the green is absolutely beautiful<3


Joanna said...

Thanks! Hunter green has been extremely popular so far this season!

phiphi said...

this is such a fun look! the boots are great on you too!

xox P

Clouds said...

Cute outfit! LOVE Ellie Goulding <3

kristy said...

I saw and tried on those exact same boots at winners! :) love your peplum top, would have never thought it's from forever 21 because it's very Zara! :)

nathyness said...

Great look! I love hunter green. And those boots are so cute!


Anonymous said...

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