Monday, September 24, 2012

What if the sky and the stars are for show

A few weeks ago, I took a friend to high tea at the Windsor Arms Hotel. This was our first time with any sort of high tea experience, so we weren't quiet sure what to expect. The Windsor Arms is actually a very beautiful hotel, albeit a small one. We were early for our reservation, but we were seated quickly anyway. Get ready for a ton of photos!




The Windsor Arms has three tea rooms, and we were seated in the smallest. And by smallest, I mean really small. We eavesdropped on the table next to us because we honestly couldn't help it. We were so close that a waiter couldn't even fit himself between our tables. The room that we were put in was pretty depressing as well. The walls were painted a deep dark red, and the windows had thick, heavy curtains. We peeked in to the other two rooms as we were leaving and couldn't believe how beautifully lit and decorated they were. 

Clockwise from top: clotted cream, strawberry jam, berry preserves


Goat cheese and caramelized shallot tart

Fresh scone with lemon zest

R to L: Cucumber, smoked salmon, grilled chicken

Petite fours

Strawberries with fresh whipped cream

Looking at these photos now, I've realized I forgot to include a photo of the teas that we got! They were both on the fruity side (mine more so than hers) and served in two different tea pots.

We started off our meal with the tart, followed by the scones, both of which were extremely good. This was our first time trying scones, and they were delicious, with or without the condiments! The sandwiches were disappointing, but I was expecting that to be honest. All the reviews that I've read about the Windsor Arms has repeatedly pointed out that the sandwiches were gummy, and they were. The petite fours, while good, weren't anything to brag about. The highlight of the meal was definitely the fresh berries and cream!

Stephanie: Forever 21 dress, beltnecklace
Me: H&M dress & necklace, Forever21 belt, Dexter Kylie wedges
Overall, I would say that the Windsor Arms Hotel is a great high tea experience for beginners. They had a decent selection of teas, and the food, while average, was enough to fill you up. The atmosphere could have been better. It felt like they had just shoved us in to the small, cramped room because we were kids. High tea is definitely a fun thing to do with girlfriends, and I already have another location in mind for our next time!

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Jessy said...

Mmm, this post makes me hungry. My friends and I really enjoyed the sandwiches, actually! The worst one for us was chicken though. The salmon one was DELISH. They seated us in the medium-ish room. I guess it depends on how many reservations they get at a time. They probably fill out the bigger rooms first. I can't wait to go for high tea again!

Behind the Seams said...

Loving all the dessert pics! It's making me hungry now ;)

Joanna said...

There's actually a place in Markham that I want to try next! It's called 'The Old Curiosity Tea Shop.'

Jennifer D said...

i am obsessed with that white dress you are wearing! i want!!

Joanna said...

Mine's from a previous season, but H&M re-released this in so many other colours now!

Stephanie said...

I love high tea!!

xx Steph