Friday, August 31, 2012

If what they say is 'nothing lasts forever,' what makes love the exception?

Joe Fresh polka dot cardigan (similar here), Wilfred tank top, Forever21 swing skirt, Zara flats (similar here)

My atrocious tan makes me cringe every time I see it! At least I can't say that I didn't spend enough time at the beach this season...

The CNE always brings back such bittersweet memories. It's arrival has always meant the end of summer and the beginning of school. While I will no longer be hitting the books, I still feel a bit sad that the number of long, hot summer days are tapering off. Anyone who knows me knows that I thrive in the heat, and the fact that it has already gotten so chilly at night is just disheartening! While I may not be looking forward to the cooler weather, I'm definitely excited to see new fall merchandise hitting stores in an array of beautiful jewel tones. I'll be continuing my hunt for a pair of deep, wine coloured pants, and perhaps something mustard!


Getting photo-bombed is always funny.

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Buggiebean said...

that photo bomb is hysterical. This year for the beach I made sure to wear a strapless just cause i didn't want funky tan lines, and of course I go out for a street fair with a racerback tank and proceed to get a funky tan line. -.- I love the Zara flats on you, are they comfy?

Joanna said...

They are actually insanely comfortable, even right off the bat! They required 0 breaking in time.

Kristy said...

You got the Super Domo!!!! I'm beyond jealous!!! Next year, I swear I'm gonna bring home a giant Domo! :D Btw, love the cardigan ;)