Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jump in the crowd, spark your lighters, wave 'em around

1. Getting rained out at the Unionville Festival.
2. An ongoing practical joke with my boss.
4. Pretty ruffles and cobalt blue. (Forever21 ruffled top, G2000 blue trousers)
5. Arm party that I've been wearing non-stop.
6. Double-collar fun.

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LC said...

love your nailpolish and armparty! were these on your instagram?! i must`ve missed it../=

Leftbanked said...

nice photos! I love the double collar :D
do you want to follow each other?

Joanna said...

They weren't, haha. I was in a spot where I had no internet connection and I was bored, so I just filtered the photos.. Thought it would still be fun to put them up somewhere!

Behind the Seams said...

pretty photos!

Miaheylila said...

cool photos!!! I love them!



Nathalie said...

love love loveeee that double collared shirt!

xoxo nathalie

Jenny Michelle Ly said...

love your arm candy!

xo jenny

Bunnie said...

royal blue, mint and spike bracelets! 3 things I'm totally obsessed over. I'm so jealous that you fit Zara pants in KIDS! I doubt I would be able to squeeze into those!