Friday, June 1, 2012

If you want it you can get it for the rest of your life



Banana Republic silk tank button-up, American Eagle denim shorts, Dexter Kylie wedges, Unbranded bracelets

I've been on the hunt for some white bottoms ever since seeing Khatu rocking a pair several times on her blog (here and here), but I can never seem to locate a pair that aren't extremely see through. I decided to settle on a pair of white denim cut-offs for now, and they've been doing a pretty good job of filling the void in my wardrobe so far.

On another note, it's the second year anniversary for my blog! It's been a trip to read over my older blog posts and see how my style has evolved since then. As a huge thanks to all the readers, I'll be hosting a small giveaway in the near future, so be on the lookout for that!

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Jessy said...

H&M kids! They have so many coloured denim shorts. I purchased a pink pair a while back then returned to get a white pair, but forgot which size I am. Now my size is sold out.. sigh.

Joanna said...

I can't believe I never thought to try H&M kids! I'm in between sizes when it comes to pants at Zara Kids.. is the sizing similar?

Jessy said...

I wear 22-23 jeans and the H&M 11-12 fits me (for girls bottoms). Their next sizes up are 12-13, 13-14, and 14+. : )

Buggiebean said...

Happy Anniversary! F21 has some nice white shorts, but they tend to be on the sheer side (sad panda). You can never go wrong with AE jeans/shorts. =)

sharon lei said...

Khatu def has great style.. she can totally rock white!! you did a great job as well, hun.. my goal is to wear an all white look before the summer is over!! hee hee. hope I can get it done.. :D

xx Love & Aloha

Joanna said...

Good luck to you! I'm a stain magnet, so although I love wearing white, I don't do it too often! An all white outfit will definitely be hard.

Annacbie said...

wow you're so cute!

just found your blog and love your aesthetic!

and hey guess what! i just started a new blog! i think i have some great ideas and i'd love if you could stop by and perhaps follow it, if you like!

KTR said...

Congrats on your 2nd year anniversary! Just found your blog while a research for cut off denims, I can't get enough of them :).... I love these shorts on you and I loved how your paired it with a loose canary blouse. I too have been looking for a pair of white denims. Same with you, all of the ones I came across were see through or too thick in texture. Recently I tried on a pair of Joes white denims and oh my goodness they are so darlingly soft and is not see through. The perfect skinnies! You should check them out when you have the chance! :)

KT of KTRstyle said...

Haha I love your post title! I found your blog when I did a search for denim shorts:)...Your denim cut offs are really cute and I love that you added a canary yellow loose blouse. It's a perfect look for summer. I too have been searching high and low for the perfect white denim. Most of them are really see through or the texture is too stiff. Recently I came across a pair of J Brand skinnies (white) and my goodness they are so soft. You should check it out! I'm afraid to wear mine because I'm such a stain magnet...hopefully you are neater than me :)

Valentina Dang said...

I love this look :) simple, effortless and you look like an elegant wild child, if that makes any sense LOL <3

Anonymous said...

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