Monday, June 18, 2012

Feels like I'm in a race, but I already won first place

So in the midst of writing my last post, my much anticipated limited edition Lancome Luxe Box came! I ripped it open and proceeded to squeal in delight...

Full sized products! FOUR OF THEM. I tore the items from their packaging and eagerly applied each product.. and then took it all off with the makeup remover that night!

Hypnose Doll Lashes in 'So Black!' (buy here) - A new, unique, cone shaped brush provides an extremely smooth and clean application, precisely defining even your hard-to reach corners and lower lashes.

The first thing I noticed when using this mascara was that the application really was very smooth! I combed through my lashes easily, even with additional coats. Each lash was coated a deep black, although the end effect wasn't entirely too dramatic. My lashes were volumized, but not too thick. Since this isn't a waterproof mascara, my lashes did droop after a few hours. However, when I recurled them, the formula didn't cause my lashes to stick to the curler, which I consider a huge plus. After a full day, I noticed some smudging on my lower lash line.

L'absolu Nu in '302' (buy here) - A lipstick combining lip-care with a unique, delicate texture for an all-new nude lip sensation. Enhance your natural lip tone in a veil of shiny, translucent colour.

I originally thought that this colour would be a MLBB (my lips but better) type of shade, but lo and behold, it actually applied as a soft, yet bright pink. I'm not much of a nude lipstick kind of girl, so this was a pleasant surprise. It didn't feel entirely too moisturizing, but it didn't dry my lips out either. The lasting power, like any other lipstick, wasn't too long, especially if you're eating and drinking.

Artliner in 'Noir' (buy here)- Rich, deep, luminous pigments offer the most intense, dramatic colour. glides on smoothly without scratching, tugging, or skipping and lasts all day.

I have no loyalty when it comes to eyeliners, and I'm always in search of a new one that is deeper in colour, more long-lasting, and smoother in application than the last. The Artliner dries quickly and applies as a deep, inky black. The brush tip is similar to the infamous L'Oreal Linear Intense, which means it is quite easy to use, even for beginners. The lasting power on this is also similar to the L'Oreal. I noticed some flaking at the corners by the end of the day, and when I used my fingertip to gently scratch my lash line, I accidentally took out a huge chunk of my liner.

Bi-Facil (buy here) - The lipid phase lifts off eye makeup, while the water phase contains special emollients to refresh and condition skin without a greasy residue. Leaves eyes feeling cool and refreshed, with no oily residue.

I soaked a cotton pad and held it against my eye for a few seconds and with one swipe, the majority of my liner and mascara came off.  However, it was pretty difficult to remove the makeup closest to my waterline. If you have sensitive skin, you would definitely have to get in there with a q-tip. There was no residue or oily feeling on my skin afterwards, but I still rinsed my face off, just in case.

As usual, the Lancome x Loose Button collaboration did not disappoint! The only item that I was on the fence about was the Bi-Facil, and only because I prefer MAC's Cleanse Off Oil as my all-over makeup remover.  I can't wait to layer the Hypnose Doll Lashes with my current drugstore favourite!

Enjoyed the products in this post? If you're Canadian, you could win your very own Lancome Luxe Box! Visit my previous post here and fill out the form for your chance to win.

I'm also running another giveaway for my 2 year blog anniversary, which ends tonight! International readers can visit my post here for the contest rules.

The Lancome x Loose Button Luxe Box was provided to me for review purposes. All opinions stated are my own.

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LadyIslay said...

Hi Joanna - did you buy the box, or was it supplied to you by Lancome? What was the cost?

Joanna said...

Thanks for pointing out that missing fact in my post! I've since updated it. The box was provided to me for review purposes.

apavlovsky said...

Great review! Awesome full sized products as well! Lancome rocks! <3

Caitlin L said...

Love the lip color!