Friday, May 25, 2012

Somewhere far along this road he lost his soul

Last week, Loose Button held its first public event, Spring Trends 2012 featuring Chanel Guertin as their guest speaker. Within minutes of arriving at the Dermalogica headquarters, the place was packed with Luxe Box members and other Beauty Influencers. The night promised to be huge, with plenty of food and wine for everyone!

Upon arrival, guests were encouraged to walk around and visit the booths that were set up by the other sponsors.  New products were being launched, and we all got a chance to test them out! There were also a handful of Dermalogica workers available to provide us with a skin analysis. They basically 'mapped' our problem areas on our face and gave us a list of products that would help, and all the products were readily available for us to purchase if we wanted to. They were pretty great about not pressuring us to leave the event with a Dermalogica product, which was a huge plus. Nobody likes a pushy sales associate!

The Dermalogica set-up for our skin analysis.

Cupcakes from Made With Love by Tiffany. I've been a follower of her blog for a while, and it was a nice surprise to see her cupcakes there!

A larger than life bottle of Valentino's newest fragrance, Valentina.

Benefit's super cute booth background for their new Ultra Plush Gloss.

With so many people attending the event, it was no surprise that the line-up for the skin analyses was long.. so long that Holly took pity on us (the last people in line) and mapped our faces right in front of the Dermalogica product wall.

Holly was so amazingly thorough that she wasn't able to finish all three of us before the main event started: Chantel Guertin, beauty expert at The Kit, would be presenting us with her top 10 summer beauty trends. One of my favourite trends that she brought up was 'luxe lashes.' A great tip that she mentioned, which I am guilty of forgetting to do, is to layer your mascaras. You'll be hard-pressed to find a single mascara that can lengthen, thicken, AND volumize, all at the same time. To get your best lashes, you should be layering two different mascaras that can give you all three results! 

Another trend that she mentioned was 'flawless, glowing skin.' B.B. creams have already been huge among the Asian community, but the range of colours that they come in have been extremely disappointing. Now that other cosmetic companies are picking up on this fast-growing trend, more and more shades are being introduced to accommodate people of varying skin tones. 

This is what happens when you arrive late; the last seats available were the ones in the very back!

I can't believe it's been just over a year since Loose Button sent out their first Luxe Box. I loved their mini-display of their ever-changing box design.. it just served as evidence of their growth as a company and a team.

Being the generous people that they are, Loose Button also arranged for us to leave with a very large goody bag. They sure do know how to throw a party! You could barely hear yourself over the buzz of the crowd. The Loose Button team did an fantastic job organizing this event, and I'm glad I was invited to be a part of their celebration!

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Buggiebean said...

oh man it looks like you had a blast! It was definitely nice of Holly to map your faces while you were on line. It really helps spread the good word when events are coordinated to never neglect anyone at the event. Those cupcakes look mighty tasty also!

Ashley Gunawardana said...

Missed ya this time! Hope you had a great time I know I did!

Jelena said...

Hey, there! I discovered your blog on Sugarlips and I immediately fell in love with your style! You rock!
This event looks really classy, I'd love to attend something like that. :D
I'm following you. :D If you want, you can find me here:
Thank you and have a nice day! :*