Friday, April 20, 2012

Hold on to this lullaby even when the music's gone


H&M paisley dress

Paisley print has been popping up everywhere this season, and I thought that the trend would pass me by until I came across this dress in H&M. I ended up buying both the coral version and this printed one, but I couldn't justify paying $49.95 for a polyester dress, so the coral ended up going back. Other than the awkward sleeve length, I adore the fit of the dress. I know the look from the front isn't that spectacular, but the flare of the skirt is really apparent from the side view.

If you think that the all over print is a bit too 'loud,' you can definitely turn it into a skirt or a top.  This will probably be my only paisley piece, so I'm glad that it's a versatile one.

1. Forever21 bird-print blouse (similar here), H&M belt
2. Wilfred linen shorts from Aritzia, H&M bow belt (similar here

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priincess emily said...

These are great ways to wear the dress! :D

EV said...

Loving the prints & I got a very similar top (sparrow print) from Target~ Cute post~


respect_the_shoes said...

I adore the print and colors on this dress - and how in the world did you tuck the skirt in to make it a top and have it still lay so nicely? Genius!

Kristy said...

Whoa whoa whoa, I love how you transformed that dress into a full pleated skirt! UBER CUTE!!! If you could wear it more than 1 way then $50 is a pretty good buy :) Oh, and I was wearing Essie's "To Buy Or Not To Buy". It definitely looks better in picture than real life, lol! :p

Joanna said...

It took a lot of tucking and smoothing it! I actually tucked the skirt up into the top, rather than in to the shorts. Less lumps that way!