Monday, March 12, 2012

I can hear the wind whipping past my face as we dance the night away






Our dinner from e11even:
1. Sweet bread.
2. Niagara prosciutto & Buffalo mozzerella  with olive oil, arugula and chopped herbs
3. House smoked salmon with toast points and chef sauce 
4. Lobster cobb salad wtih blue cheese and buttermilk dressing
5. Steak frites

PN and I rarely eat out because when we do, we tend to be underwhelmed. However, since this is the first time I've had time to celebrate my birthday in two years, we decided to venture out. While the atmosphere and the staff were great (the drinks menu was an actual iPad!), the food was only average. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't exactly memorable either. Regardless, it's nice to get dressed up every once in a while.


Getting caught taking outfit photos by a stranger, haha.

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LC said...

what is with you and the wind attacking you woman?! hahaha i kid. you look so cute for your birthday dinner! love the lip color. and how cool is an ipad menu?! does it only allow you to stay on that one screen? pretty nifty!

Buggiebean said...

I love the candidness of ur last photo. Too bad the food wasn't that memorable cause it looks pretty tasty! The techie in me lives the iPad menu idea, so I have to agree with LC!

Minted Magazine said...

Wow! Just discovered your blog! It's SOOOOO fabulous!

Minted Magazine

lauren lanza osias said...

wow, looks like you had a yummy birthday. that lobster cobb salad looks pretty insane.

Joanna said...

You could browse through different drinks (wine, beer, cocktails) and sort things by preference, and they even had a 'save' option so you could choose your favourites and compare. It was pretty cool! Must've been expensive though, because every table was given one to choose their drinks.

Jenny Michelle Ly said...

love love love your blog! the food is making me so hungry... i'm such a foodie too!

best wishes from


Ana Clara Campêlo said...

lovely look!

Kristy said...

Awww the food wasn't that great, huh? They look delish in your pics, though, especially that salad plate, mmmmmmm :)