Tuesday, March 27, 2012

But I'll admit that I was glad that it was over

The first Estee Lauder warehouse sale of the year occurred this past weekend, and I managed to snag tickets for the Saturday event. I thought it was a bit odd that it happened so late in the month, as it usually has been on the first weekend of each quarter. The sale was a lot different this time around. Each building had a special name, and there were fewer cosmetic products. Instead, there were a ton more of the skincare gift sets as well as perfume sets for men and women.

MAC Moisture Infusion, Estee Lauder Gentle Eye Makeup Remover, MAC Cleanse Off Oil (x2)

MAC really means it when they say moisture! I've used this serum in the morning, and I've actually forgotten to put on moisturizer after because it leaves my skin feeling so quenched and soft. I also stocked up on my favourite make-up removers, both found in the $4 bins! PN actually found the cleanse-off oil and handed me a bottle saying 'you use this!' I've trained him well, haha.

MAC Cremeblend blush in 'Brit Wit,' Estee Lauder Brow Setting Gel in 'Clear'

I have combination skin, but that still doesn't stop my obsession with cream blushes! I have several, but I noticed that they all tend to be similar shades of pink. My absolutely favourite powder blush is Everyday Minerals in 'Daydream' and Brit Wit is the cream blush version of that. It is more of a dusty mauve than it comes across in this photo.

MAC eyeshadow pans in 'Satin Taupe' (x2), Naked Lunch, Plumage

The $4 bins were definite hits this time around. Not only was I able to stock up on make-up removers, but they had tons of pan shadows as well! Other colours that I saw but didn't pick up are Phloof, Yoghurt, and Burnt Orange. I kind of regret not picking up extras to give away.

Bumble and Bumble Reactivating Mist

The biggest surprise of the sale was the fact that they now carried Bumble and Bumble products! I'm really hoping that they will be a permanent addition to the sale.. which was my reasoning for only coming out with one product. I went a little nuts at first and ended up picking up 6 different products, but eventually put them all back except for this one. They had shampoos, conditioners, and a ton of different styling products, both full and sample size. I have naturally wavy hair and this product really does 'reactivate' my waves after a long day. I don't really like to put a lot of product in my hair, so this really does freshen up the look without having a lot of build-up. It has a really pleasant floral smell.

 Smoky Blue Ornament Dazzlesphere, Pink Ornament Dazzlesphere

 Dazzleglasses in 'Like Venus' and 'Rags to Riches', Cremesheen Glass in 'Fashion Scoop' and 'Petite Indulgence'

Crushed Metallic Pigment in 'White as Snow,' 'Silver Sleet,' 'Wintersky,' and 'Dark Moon'

The free gift was a set of insane MAC eyelashes. I don't know what number they are, but I do know I would never wear them! No wonder they were giving them away for free.  The charity bags were 'hidden' once again, but when I requested two, they made sure that they weren't the same package.

Overall, I was quite satisfied with this quarter's sale. It wasn't as packed as it used to be, and although there were fewer cosmetic products from the newer seasons, the improvement of the $4 bins and the addition of Bumble and Bumble products really did make up for it. I just hope that this carries over to the next sale!

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Bunnie said...

It looks like you snagged yourself a whole bunch of goodies! How's the MAC cleanse off oil?? I use baby oil to remove my make up.... but sometimes it's a bit too... oily.

Joanna said...

It works extremely well! It takes off waterproof mascara and eyeliner like a dream, and you only need a small amount. It doesn't leave a film of residue on your face after you wash it off, which is a huge bonus.

Romanianbutterfly206 said...

Wish i knew about this ! awesome stuff u got!

Julie C said...

Wow I went Saturday too but I didn't see a lot of the items you mentioned. Nice haul! How much was the MAC serum?

Joanna said...

A lot of it depends on what time you go! The $4 bins are always the most popular, so a lot of those products sell out really fast. The MAC serum was $20.

Anonymous said...

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