Tuesday, March 20, 2012

And I want to show you how you all look like beautiful stars tonight



Zara jacket, Topshop tee, H&M skirt and leggings, Vince Camuto sandals, DIY bracelets, Alexander McQueen scarf, Balenciaga City bag

Today is the Spring Equinox but it feels like Toronto has decided to skip the mild weather all together and just jump right in to summer. These photos were taken last week and the weather has only gotten warmer and warmer. As I am writing this post, I have just come back from a hike where I wore shorts and a tank top... in March! Who woulda thought?

Being able to do outdoor activities has gotten me really excited for more 'adventurous' exercise. I've been a frequent member of the gym and I've noticed that as the temperatures rise, the gym has been getting more and more packed as people try to put in some more effort to obtain that 'beach bod' they've been working on all year. Waiting 15 minutes for a machine isn't very pleasant, and it puts a serious dent in your workout routine, so a friend and I decided to hike a nearby trail. We got to work up a good sweat and enjoy the sunshine at the same time! A definite win-win situation. We've already started daydreaming about rollerblading down Lakeshore and finding some bike trails.. which means this summer will probably be the year that I finally learn how to ride a bike!

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joannie said...

you paired two of my favorite items together. The McQueen Scarf and Balenciaga bag! Yowza! Love it!


alison*elle said...

I used to love biking down the Lakeshore in the summer time... totally miss that about living in Toronto! And I am so jealous of your insane weather... it is horrible here in Vancouver and just not the way things are supposed to be, haha.

xo, alison*elle

Laces and Shades said...

Lately, I, too, noticed that the gym I go to has been busier. I suppose I can understand why :). The temps are warming up and I very much enjoy wearing shorts, skirts and dresses. Need a nice toned body and a tan for those days when I go to the lake heh.

Invasionista said...

Great classic bag and loving the scarf! The shoes add the perfect amount of color!


Annie said...

Loving this outfit and your style! That scarf is gorgeous, and those shoes with the tights looks SO cute :)

The Other Side of Gray

lucia said...

you look stunning!


Clara Turbay said...

It´s great to see what you are doing in this blog.

eviiandartemis said...

I love your shoes! Just a good amount of color and that McQueen scarf can never go wrong<3



Samantha said...

absolutely love your outfit!!!


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Christina said...

love your balenciaga bag! come check out my blog too :)

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Dianne Tran said...

Loving the Alexander McQueen scarf!!!

And in response to your comment:

The pants are actually more pink in real life than in the photos! And zippers are functional but there's no pockets to go with it hahaha.

Kristy said...

That white jacket is so hot! And paired with the edgy Balenciaga? DOUBLE THE HOTNESS! >:D


Jamie A said...

i really love your scarf! i've always wanted something with sculls on it!