Wednesday, January 25, 2012

We get together, but separate's always better when there's feelings involved

Skipped the gym today to have a dinner date after work with PN at Trio, followed by dessert at Menchies. It felt amazing to just have a really good laugh in the middle of the week. 

Photos taken from the Alexander Wang and Balenciaga website

I've been eying the Alexander Wang Rocco (left) for a very long time, but I've had doubts about the weight and overall shape of the bag.  I've heard some complaints about how all the contents seem to roll towards the middle of the bag, creating a sag.  Since PN has strongly argued against having another Balenciaga City (seriously, have you ever seen a more perfect colour combination than the Bordeaux with gold hardware?!), I've turned my eye to the Alexander Wang Emile (right). I love that the rose gold hardware is not so 'in your face,' yet it really is what makes the bag. The double handle is a huge plus. I love how structured it looks, but this could just be due to stuffing. I'll definitely have to make an in-store trip to check this bad boy out.

What are you thoughts on each of these bags? I'd love to have some more input!


Jessy said...[Reply]

With the bone Rocco, you'd have to be EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA careful about colour transfer. There was colour transfer on my Kirsten satchel on day one! The sag in the Rocco is done on purpose and is what "makes" the bag (but I haven't had the problem of things rolling into the middle anyway).

The dove grey Emile tote looks nice as the rg hw isn't that noticeable prominent on that bag. I like the Emile tote but it looks big from the photos I've seen on it on other people! Out of those three choices, I'd choose the Emile. (not the biggest fan of that City combo) : )

P.S. Were you the one anonymously asking me questions about my Rocco on Tumblr?!
P.P.S. I wouldn't buy the Wang bags at full price btw. They always go on sale. Plus, $975 for the Emile would be over a thousand here! Whaaaaaaaaat?!

Joanna said...[Reply]

No, it wasn't me asking the anonymous questions, haha. If I had one, I would've asked via Twitter or Blogger! The Bordeaux does look quite dark in that stock photo.. I saw it on Sofia Vergara on LoveBBags, and it was instant love! I haven't seen the Emile IRL or on another person before. From stock photos, it definitely does look on the larger side.. More research needs to be done!

Jessy said...[Reply]

haha what a coincidence! Someone has been asking me Rocco q's on Tumblr for the past couple of days and you just posted this! If you Google Image the Emile tote, you'll see it on celebrities and stuff. Def. on the large side, but I like the overall shape of it! but it's not worth it at full price especially with the quality control issues AW seems to be having with his newer bags..

Intuitiveflair said...[Reply]


follow each other?


Kristy said...[Reply]

I was just at Menchies last Saturday! I love those popping bubbles! I always have them with lots and lots of mochi! :p About the bags, I'm not a fan of either designers (but that's just my personal preference!), but I'd go for the bordeaux Balenciaga! :) That style has been around for a few years now, so it'll be a great investment piece to have in your closet :)

Joanna said...[Reply]

I loooove getting a tart flavour and loading it up with tons of strawberries and mango! Thanks for the advice.

Wendy H said...[Reply]

Out of the three, I would suggest to go for the Balenciaga City! It seems more of a practical and an everyday bag to me. The detail on the Alexander Wang Emilie is cute but the shape of the bag and the really small handles would probably be very uncomfortable to carry on the arm. You should make a post later and show us which one you got. :D

- Wendy

Wynne Prasetyo said...[Reply]

aww glad you had a little refresher in the middle of the week!


mie said...[Reply]

ohhh please gimme gimme! i want all those bags :D

Soo Jin said...[Reply]

OMG, seriously I totally agree about the perfect color combo for the Balenciaga City in Bordeaux. I'm absolutely obsessed right now! Have you been able to see it in person yet? I checked Nordstroms today (we don't have an actual Balenciaga store here) and they didn't have it...

Jennifer Do said...[Reply]

you have an awesome taste in bags! i love the rocco bag! i want it so bad! maybe try buying an insert in it so it doesn't sag. i know they make them for the louis vuitton speedy bag so maybe they can fit the rocco bag too.

hidden hidden said...[Reply]

omg i LOVE the bordeaux balencigia! Ive never seen that colour before in person, your right the bordeaux and gold hardware is such a good combo!


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