Sunday, January 8, 2012

If I surround myself with positive things, I'll gain prosperity

You know the saying 'if you don't use it, you lose it?'  I'm starting to believe that it's true! I haven't done an outfit post (or any post, for that matter) in ages, and I think it's partially because I've gotten in to a habit of wearing such casual clothes that I'm actually slightly embarrassed to even bother taking photos. I kind of slipped in to a funk, styling wise, so as a little pick-me-up, I purchased these flats from Zara. I've been looking for shoes with an ankle strap, and although I was initially looking for something with a bit of heel, I'm definitely pleased with these. With a 50% off price tag combined with the fact that these were the last pair in my size, all signs were pointing to 'full speed ahead!'


Jessy said...[Reply]

I totally get you! I really don't like dressing in the winter, but the weather in Toronto hasn't been so bad lately.

Miriam Lee said...[Reply]

i know what u mean about styling funk! i go thru that too!
wonderful blog u have! i'm following u now, hope u'll consider following back doll <3

Joanna said...[Reply]

I know! I can't believe the wonky weather we've been having lately.. yet it still hasn't really been enough to get me inspired! Maybe when it's a little more consistent I'll be able to pull myself outta this funk x_x

Elisa said...[Reply]

beautiful shoes!!! positive things brings good luck!!!!! have a nice day!!

Elisa's blog

sarah said...[Reply]

Those flats are amazing. I have a thing for flats with ankle straps =)


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