Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's such a shame 'cause now that lovin's changed

GAP blouse, H&M faux leather pants, ALDO loafers

Thought I'd interrupt the recent slew of American Apparel pieces with something new!

I've seen many other fashion bloggers wear crisp white blouses with such style and grace, and it's made me quite envious. One of the biggest problems I have with white blouses is that I tend to end up looking like a waitress.. so to solve this problem, I spiced up the outfit with some faux leather and leopard print.

Any other tips to try? I'd love to hear them!


Jess said...[Reply]

Leather pants + girly blouse + leopard loafers? This outfit is pretty much perfect

Britt+Whit said...[Reply]

love your blouse! so cute

love from San Francisco,

Jessy said...[Reply]

The look isn't for everybody. I read somewhere that pure white clothing does NOT look good on everyone. Those who rock it with style & grace are lucky! I sort of agree.. in a way. Very few people can rock an outfit with a pure white top unless there is something that goes with the top. I think it also depends on the sheerness and fabric.

Kristy said...[Reply]

I think pussy-bow blouses won't make you look like a waitress (case in point, this outfit. You look tres chic!) But with regular button down shirts, I usually steer away from pairing them with black slacks or pencil skirts. I like to belt my top when I wear it un-tucked. It gives me a more slimming silhouette :)

alison*elle said...[Reply]

Is this blouse recent? I love that pussybow! As for white blouses... I think they can look great with different textured pants (tweeds, herringbone, etc.) in unique cuts.

xo, alison*elle

Joanna said...[Reply]

The blouse is actually quite old (almost a year, I think) but there have been tons of different variations on it since then!

Joanna said...[Reply]

Thanks for the tip! The type of bottoms you wear definitely make a difference.

Joanna said...[Reply]

You're right, Jessy. There's a huge difference between wearing a silk white button up as opposed to a cotton one.

sharon lei said...[Reply]

I adore this blouse. I love the pussybow. I like white button up shirts paired with cutoffs for a more casual feel. But there are so many ways you can style this beautiful shirt. Lovin' the shoes too!

xx Love & Aloha

Mary said...[Reply]

agreed! I LOVEEEE wearing white, but I am unfortunately those said individuals that do not look great in white. life is so cruel.

shesoprecious said...[Reply]

Love the leopard loafers! Are they comfy?

Joanna said...[Reply]

They definitely need to be broken in.. I got blisters on my right (larger) foot the first time I wore them out.. stuffed them with newspaper for two days, and now they're perfect!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

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