Thursday, October 6, 2011

And I've missed your ginger hair and the way you like to dress

1. Sam Edelman Roza in black
2. Jessica Simpson Cheetah in Dusty Taupe Nebraska Nappa
3.  Vince Camuto platform sandals (can't seem to find this style anywhere)

Sorry for the crappy photo quality! Had to make do with my point and shoot. I went to the Petite Feet sample sale today after work with no expectations and not really looking for anything in particular.. and pretty soon, I had a full basket with 9 pairs of shoes! I left the sale with these three. The sale runs from today through to Monday, October 11th (Canadian Thanksgiving), so there's plenty of time left to browse!

Some tips:
1. Bring cash. LOTS OF IT. Better to be safe than sorry. It's a cash only event, and I was not prepared. Regular brands (Jessica Simpson, Naturalizer, Franco Sarto, etc.) had a price range of $50 - $125, while the 'boutique' area (BCBG, Sam Edelman, Vince Camuto, etc.) had prices from $75-175. I was so very lucky that PN works in the area, and he swung by to save me from my shoe dilemma!
2. Don't be afraid to experiment with half a size up and down from your original size. I'm normally a 7.5, but the Vince Camutos are a size 7 and fit perfectly fine. Size 7 strappy sandals were pretty forgiving, and the slightly roomy size 8 booties could be fixed with a pair of socks.
3. Take your time to explore every aisle. I actually find the Rozas on a table for size 10 shoes.
4. Ask the workers for help in looking for shoes. One worker was extremely helpful, and brought out a huge box of size 7.5 shoes when he noticed me walking up and down the same aisle, hoping for new shoes to appear. He also helped me look for the Rozas after I lost them! I had put them back because they were a tad too small, and in 10 seconds, they were gone. Another girl actually found them before I did, and the worker helped me track down a size 6.5, which was the size that the other girl was actually looking for.

If you're a size 6, I ENVY YOU! There was a huuuuge selection for that size, with enviable rack after rack of Sam Edelman flats and pumps.

On another related note, I also picked up these ALDO loafers. I'm feeling incredibly guilty after all these new shoes though, so these will probably be going back.. It took me a week to hunt them down in my size, too!

After today's splurge, I'm kind of afraid to see what will happen at the American Apparel warehouse sale..


donnadell said...[Reply]

wow those studs are friken sexy! i love it!

DianneTran said...[Reply]

Oh man, I have been eyeing those pair of Roza, FOR SO LONG NOW!! *JEALOUS*

LC said...[Reply]

def. keep the loafers!

Joanna said...[Reply]

I was definitely lucky to find them again after losing them!

Jess said...[Reply]

How comfy are those loafers? I've been debating getting the b/w print ones...

Joanna said...[Reply]

I'm usually a size 7.5, but ALDO doesn't do half sizes, so I went up to the 8. They fit pretty well in the toe area, but they gave me blisters under the ankle bone. It fits a bit tight around the heel (to prevent the shoe from slipping off I'm guessing) and the material there is a bit stiff. I'm currently stretching them right now, so they should be all right.

Kristy said...[Reply]

Urgh, I'm so jealous!!! Maybe I'll check the next sale at Markham Fairgrounds this November. Those Sam Edelmans and Vince Camutos are gooooooohrgeous! And I've been eye-in on those leopard loafers from ALDO, too! But at $90 a pair, I'm still debating whether or not I should.... so, should I? :p

Joanna said...[Reply]

DEFINITELY! I think every pair will require a bit of stretching, regardless of the size, but they're really quite comfy afterwards. They're so masculine, but the print makes it so sassy and feminine!

katnani said...[Reply]

Oh, I WAAAANT your leopard loafers!!! sooo much!


claire said...[Reply]

I wear a size 6 in shoes, do you think the ROZA heel will fit me?

Claire said...[Reply]

Im debating whether to buy them online and theres only three left!! IS it true to size? I have not tried them on yet because nordstrom has completely sold out of them

Claire said...[Reply] Here is the website, its at a pretty good price right now, cheapest I have seen.

Joanna said...[Reply]

I would say that they are true to size. I normally wear a size 7.5, and I mention that the the size 7 is (obviously) tight on me, but doable because I'm sure they would stretch. If you're a 6, definitely go for the 6.

claire said...[Reply]

How do you like them? I've never actually seen them in person. At the price of 170, does it seem worth it?

Joanna said...[Reply]

TBH, I haven't worn them out yet. I have yet to stretch them out. I didn't pay full price for them, and I honestly don't think the $170 price tag is worth it. They're fabulous shoes to look at, and look fierce on, but be mindful of the fact that you have to be extremely careful when putting on and taking off these shoes, as you can rip out the studs quite easily.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

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Anonymous said...[Reply]

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