Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tonight we're gonna kiss a little different

H&M crochet dress as top, Talula Babuton studded skirt, Zara pumps, H&M clutch

PN and I recently went to watch the latest Cirque du Soleil show, Totem. While the performances were spectacular, the story line was mildly disappointing. I'll admit, I had no idea about the background story going in to the show, but it was pretty abstract and confusing.

PN definitely enjoyed last year's show, Ovo, a lot more, but hey.. as long as someone's dangling on a string by one foot, I'm satisfied!

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Stephanie said...

i've come to realize Cirque has weak story lines or just really weird ones that are hard to follow. You look fab, those Zara shoes are fierce!

Elle said...

I've been wanting to go see Cirque du Soleil show but they have way too many different ones which I can't seem to choose, not to mention tickets seems to always sell out... -_- Your hair is getting insanely long. Any plans on what you might do with it?

Joanna said...

There are always such a huge variety, but that just means you can pick and choose the one you like best! They do sell out quite fast though.. I wish I knew what to do with my hair, haha. My ultimate goal was to just grow it out, and I definitely think I've surpassed that..

Susi Starlet said...

Love this outfit! (: