Friday, September 2, 2011

Her love's a thousand miles away

I'm sure you're sick of looking at CNE photos, but I'm almost done with them, I swear!

1. 'The Mexican' from Bouchard's Poutinerie.
2. Donut burger from Epic Burgers and Waffles.
3. Deep fried strawberry Poptart.
4. Deep fried Twinkie.
5. Deep fried Mars bar.
6. Deep fried Twix.

I know I can pig out with the best of them, but I certainly didn't finish all this on my own..

It's hard to get all of our crazy schedules aligned, but it's always totally worth it! I had a blast with these ladies (and gents) and am already looking forward to our next get together.

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☆Cindii said...


Katherine said...

Wow everything looks absolutely delicious! YUM!

David said...

Awesome post! :D

Have a Good Day!


Clara Turbay said...

I like this blog so much I hope you can check out mine.

crystal said...

everything looks so unhealthy and delicious! xx

Elle said...

i've tried to comment on this post SOOO many times before but my ipad doesn't do disqus very well. But this is an amazing post...I mean, I love your outfits and all but your food porn is incredible as well.

Joanna said...

I miss this kind of food already, :'(.

Jessy said...

omg I swear my friends & I took a group photo at around the same spot 2-3 years ago lmaoo