Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So I hopped in the cab and I paid my fare

1. My absolute favourite ride, the Swing of the Millennium (I'm pretty sure that's what Wonderland calls it.. no idea what it's actually called, haha).
2. I can totally see someone puking on this ride as they hang upside down.
3. I have fond memories of going down the Euroslide (and the many parking-lot-carnival versions)

4. A portable surfing arena that we frequented for the free Sprite samples.
5. The Strong Man pulling two cars.
6. PN and I actually stayed to watch Rock Man build two rock towers.. The balancing is really possible!
7. Canon stunt.

8. Deep fried butter.
9. Turkey legs.. for $12!
10. Roasted corn.

PN and I have already gone back to the CNE another time since these photos were taken! Alas, we didn't pig out like I wanted to, :(. My parents always insist on us eating something before we go out, even if we're going out specifically to eat, haha. Is this an Asian parent thing? We always end up stuffed before we get there.

What are some foods you guys are looking forward to trying?

PS, I came across this amazing deal in the Shopping Building. Four Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips for only $10! I've seen these retail at Walmart for $8... and I thought it was a steal finding them at Pacific Mall for only $5. I didn't come across any of the patterned ones, which I know are more popular, but I'll keep searching.

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Elle said...

I'd love to try the fried butter, sounds so sinfully awesome. The turkey drum in NYC was $9 and I thought that was expensive LOL

DianneTran said...

Oh man the turkey leg reminds me of the ones I saw in Orlando! Though they were fatter and juicier hahaha

Ally said...

O wow!! thats a really good deal for the salon effects..hopefully they still have them when i go to CNE next week

Katherine said...

Wow that's an amazing deal...and that corn looks delicious!