Monday, July 25, 2011

My appetite for loving is now my hunger pain

How I spent my past few weekends:
1. PN in the middle of a hit during a beach volleyball game, taken with our new fish-eye lens.
2. One of the three salvageable photos from Night it Up. Wearing ASOS maxi dress.
3. Watching some tricks at the Import Expo show, which took place in Markham Fairgrounds.
4. My first time swimming all season. Wearing H&M bikini.
5. A somewhat flopped, but still insanely fun, karaoke night with Fiona, Vo, and Leanne (not pictured). Wearing American Apparel dress and Zara blazer.

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The Little Dust Princess said...

That ASOS dress looks hot on you... from the back ; )

aki! said...

At least you can swim! I feel silly in the water because I'm constantly scared of drowning.

▲Nicci St. Bruce▲ said...

Love these photos.

steph said...

the back of your dress is GORGEOUS. super sexy!

xJOLE said...

I'm actually not that great with the swimming! I can survive if I fell in the deep end, but put me in the ocean and I'm a goner, haha.

Thanks! I've been dying to wear this out, :)

Victoria said...

I love the blck dress the back detail it's so divine! xx

Aney said...

Great photos - love summer days/nights!

The backless dress is gorgeous! I was also at Night It Up ;) haha