Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dirt and glitter cover the floor

I purchased this wall decal from Urban Outfitters a month ago, and I'm still in love with it. My room's teeny (I don't even have a real closet!), but with small touches like this, I don't mind very much... sometimes, haha. I have strategically placed birds on my light switch and bed frame as well.

PN and I have been taking advantage of half-off Tuesdays at the movie theatres. We watched Transformers 3 last week in 3D.. I seriously hate 3D. Waste of my moneys, :(. It was okay. Rosie Huntington is pretty and all that, but she was pretty much useless in the entire film. Anyone else agree?

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a, said...

the wall decal looks great! it actually looks pretty big. i usually see decals that are so tiny they look kind of stupid, lol.

i received the leg/jewlery (? not sure what it's called) few days ago. i'm going to write a post about it soon. i am SO confused as to how to keep it on.

MeiBelle said...

I love the decal!

And you know how much a I agree with you about Huntington! I don't like 3D much either, I always get a headache after a while.

Dianne said...

Love the wall decal! I love browsing Urban Outfitter's apartment section, they have such a massive collection of awesome things

The Little Dust Princess said...

Lovely wall decal! Great price too : )