Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Together we'll live forever, we found that youth fountain

So the first weekend in June marked yet another Estee Lauder warehouse sale. I got to go on the 3rd, which was the Saturday. The products this time around were a lot better than what I've previously seen on Sundays, but I wasn't tempted to spend much. They had items from the To the Beach collection, Liberty of London, In the Groove, and they even had a big bounce shadow there!

The last two photos were the charity package and the free gift, respectively. I didn't do swatches, because I plan on putting them in my stockpile of goodies for future giveaways, :).

The best thing that I found at the sale were the sample jars of Clinique's moisture surge! They were in the $4 bin, and I actually picked up six (although three will be going to my cousin). I kind of regret not getting more.. What a good deal! They also had MAC's complete comfort cream for only $20. I've been dying to try this moisturizer out (the texture was amazing), but I decided to put it back because I'm only 1/4 of the way through my jar of moisturelush cream, which has been discontinued (I think). I felt some regret as soon as I left the sale, but there's always next time.

Did anyone else attend the sale? I'd love to know what you picked up!

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penny said...

woah nice haul! i don't recall seeing the big bounce shadow but that's interesting to note. i thought the $4 bins were nice. i liked how they had a lot of clinique eye makeup remover. I got Sea and Sky eyeshadow, Sexpectations mega metal shadow and some select cover-up for NW50 (last one sucks for asian girls) as my charity pack. If you have a spare pack (that you're not using for a future giveaway), and you would like to swap, pls let me know :) p3chung(at) gmail(dot)com.