Thursday, June 9, 2011

Arm in arm, dusk to dawn with the curtains drawn

PN and I attended the Unionville Festival this past weekend. The weather was absolutely amazing (aka really hot). I went in with an open mind, but I was slightly disappointed with how little there was to actually do there. There were tons of food stalls, and a few face painting stations for the younger kids. I didn't really explore the shops, since I wasn't interested in actually purchasing anything. It was still a fun experience.

They had a Farmer's Market going on, which meant tons of stalls with fresh fruit and veggies. They had other stalls selling smoked meats, and even honey!

They had a takoyaki stall, which was extremely popular.  It's basically a batter ball with octopus in the center. It was a little too soft in the centre for my liking, but still pretty good. It wasn't very filling, so we promptly scarfed a hot dog after this.

Cute puppies! I think they were for sale, because I heard a girl say 'they're selling them for $50!' but I really have no idea if she was actually talking about the dogs. There were about five (including the mom) of them running around, and we got to hold and pet them. They were so calm and quiet, which was quite a surprise since people were manhandling them all day. None of them ever barked.

The streets were pretty packed with tons of families, and plenty of dogs. We saw this cool dog that had one brown eye and one blue eye. It looked like a robot! We also passed by a Great Dane that was up to my chest (standing on all four paws). HUGE. I swear the kids of that family probably ride him every day.

One final picture of a pond nearby. I love this function on the Panasonic. No Photoshop or editing necessary! 

I love attending street festivals/carnivals. I really enjoy people watching, eating food from a stall, and just enjoying the hustle bustle of a crowd around me without being cooped up in a mall of some sort. What about you guys? Do you like to attend these kinds of street festivals, or do you get easily annoyed by all the people?

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MeiBelle said...

awh, it looks like so much fun! i would have taken a doggy home lol.

Elle said...

Totally a love and hate relationship for me when it comes to street festivals. I love how I can just walk down the streets with food and random things for me to see and buy but I hate how it can be overly packed with people. Plus crowded streets in NYC with unhappy New Yorkers ain't so great. We're just not that polite... lol