Friday, March 4, 2011

Let's do some living after we die

1. Home-made almond-encrusted tarragon chicken, grape tomatoes in an olive oil & lemon vinaigrette, and rice.
2. Jalapeno bacon-wrapped scallops with roasted garlic & pepper tomato sauce and fried onions from Big Daddy's Crab Shack.
3. One pound of North Pacific king crab legs with fries from Red Lobster
4, 5, & 6. Mango pudding with condensed milk, shrimp rice noodle roll with sweet soy sauce, dim sum spread.

Random food photos that I found on my desktop.. I'll have another outfit post soon, promise! I'll be writing midterms for my birthday (for the second year in a row), so wish me luck this weekend!

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MeiBelle said...

everything looks amazing!!!!!!!