Monday, March 28, 2011

I live for the nights that I can't remember

I recently picked up American Apparel's 3D Flower Mesh Jumper in white. This is probably one of the most outrageous things I've ever purchased, and PN has been saying over and over again that he can't imagine me wearing it more than once.  Taking inspiration from Elle of Fast Food and Fashion, I decided to come up with five different ways to wear this piece. I didn't accessorize with jewelry or shoes because: (a) my feet didn't fit in the photos and (b) I didn't think to until after I had done all the outfits, haha. Never fear though, I've added a quick description of what I would pile on top after each photo.

For the very first outfit, I decided not to distract or take away from the shirt, and let it take centre place.  The plain black shorts can be interchanged for leggings, depending on weather and preference. The only way I would accessorize this would be to make sure my nails are painted, haha.

This next outfit is definitely more street chic. I tucked the jumper into a pair of linen high waisted shorts. Excuse the messy look of the belt, I was too lazy to pull it through all 6 belt loops (two on each side, and two on the back).  A nice big watch, strappy wedges or sandals and a fedora hat would make this the perfect outfit to roam around the streets of downtown Toronto.

For the third outfit, I definitely wanted to go a little more flirty and feminine, so I added a flowy, silk skirt.  I would definitely stick to above the knee in terms of skirt lengths, because the top is a one size fits all, which means you can look a little on the dumpy side with a longer length. I'd finish off with blush coloured flats and some cute stud earrings. Going through my earrings now, the ones that I like best are my pearl studs and a pair of pink roses.

This is the kind of outfit I'd wear if I had to go somewhere after work. I'd normally be wearing a blouse of some sort with these trousers, and it would be really easy to change into this jumper if I were to go out for drinks after working hours. It definitely makes the outfit a little more fun and lively for having drinks with some girlfriends. I think I'd prefer this outfit with loafers, but classic black pumps should do it as well.

With the fifth outfit, I'm totally going back to the 70s-80s with navy, high waisted disco pants. It's hard to tell in the picture, but they're actually insanely shiny.  Pair this with a very high, messy bun, and platform pumps, and you're totally set.  This is actually my favourite outfit! I tried this combo on in the store a few months ago, and I walked away with only the disco pants... but I couldn't get this image out of my head, and now I have the top to go with it.

1. Forever21 black shorts.
2. Forever21 linen shorts & belt.
3. Zara skirt.
4. LOFT trousers.
5. American Apparel disco pants.

I was actually contemplating exchanging the colour for the pink version, but after doing all these outfits, I think I'll keep the white. Anyone have any more ideas on how to style this top? I'd love to hear from you, :).

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