Sunday, March 13, 2011

He even reminds me of a kid we used to know

The outfit I wore Saturday night on our failed attempt at getting a table at Guu. Who would actually wait 2 hours for a table?! We were told it would be a 4 hour wait, so I guess in the end it wasn't too long of a wait.. but we ended up abandoning Guu to eat at Phil's Original BBQ.

My computer has some sort of weird virus on it that doesn't allow me to open up Firefox or Internet Explorer, :(. In the mean time, I'm currently borrowing PN's laptop to do this post, and I'm hoping to get my laptop fixed within the week, as I really depend on it for school. Tear.

What I'm wearing: Forever 21 leggings, tank top, and belt, Costa Blanca cardigan, Zara wedges, House of Harlow necklace

EDIT: It's currently 3:18 am and I have managed to fix my computer myself. *JIGS* For those of you who are running on Windows 7 OS, you may eventually receive a message saying that your computer has been infected and you need to purchase Windows 7 Home Security 2011 in order to delete these viruses. It will look very legit with a whole list of files that have been infected. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS. While it's true your computer has been infected, this is not a legit product. I would suggest taking your computer to a technician to get it fixed right away. I have an antivirus and antispyware program, but I still managed to catch this which goes to show that you must ALWAYS be careful. I managed to manually fix my computer myself, but I don't recommend this because it took me four hours to do so. I made a mistake, which resulted in me having to rely on my iPhone to help google up some help because I couldn't access any of the programs on my computer.

I want to kick myself in the face, I seriously wonder how I managed to catch this annoying little virus. I just performed a System Restore, so if this ever happens again, I can revert back to this moment in time. SIGH OF RELIEF.

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