Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If it was time to put in work, would you be down to ride?

This is the last little bit from my New York haul! I stopped by The Loft, and I instantly fell in love with the fit of their petite line. They had a large number of pants on sale, not that many shirts/sweaters, but it was okay by me! I picked up three pairs, and they are actually all in the  same style, called the Marisa pant. I'm a small girl, but I'm more of a medium built petite. I snagged these in a size 0P.

They fit perfectly at the waist, but they do make me appear a bit wider in the hips due to the pockets. There is some slight wrinkling in the rear-end area, but I always experience this in most pants, and at least it was very minimal. Slim through the thigh and calf area, these ended right at my ankles without any alteration. For those of you who are wondering, I stand at about 5'4". The slim leg opening means that this is the perfect length. If they were flared, I think it would give me the 'flood pants' look.

Hope you guys enjoyed the long weekend!

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