Friday, November 26, 2010

The prettiest people do the ugliest things, for the road to riches and diamond rings

Do you ever have that moment after you buy something, and you think 'Oh my gosh, what in the heck was I thinking?!' And then you get home and you try it on again and go 'Oh yeah, this is what I was thinking.'

Welcome home, my new love. Oh how warm you make me feel.

Hat - H&M

Monday, November 22, 2010

This life don't last forever, hold my hand

Did you know that watermelons float?

You know what I hate? When someone is approaching the same door that I am (from the opposite direction), and even though they reach it first, they wait for me to open the door so that they can walk through first. I always storm through and push past them with a 'BITCH I OPENED THIS DOOR FOR MYSELF' look on my face as I give them the evil eye. But I'm not an angry person, I swear :). I just believe that taking daily doses of Haterade is healthy for you!

Sorry for the short post.. and the lack of posts, actually. Now that winter's finally settled in Toronto (at least in my mind), I'm stumped as to what to actually post. I have an irrational fear of the cold. Nothing makes me feel more panicked and afraid than a sharp wind blowing in my face. Which means that for the next four months or so, I will be dressed in layers upon layers of my warmest clothes. It's hard to look fashionable when you're wearing four layers of pants!

So the only thing I could come up with are lists!

5 things I love about winter:
1. Skating.

... and that's it, LOL. I seriously do not care for winter, even if it includes Christmas, New Years, and Valentine's. I'm upset that I'm technically considered a winter baby!

What is about winter that you guys love? Please enlighten me, haha.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Two drifters off to see the world

Just wanted to quickly mention that I've joined bloglovin! It's an easy way to follow blogs and it updates instantly whenever someone posts something new! You can follow me on bloglovin here!

OCC lip tars. Everyone and their mother has posted about these babies! They're extremely pigmented liquid lipsticks, and I thought it would be fun to just post a few lip swatches of these. If you want a full, in-depth review, you can see it on Temptalia here, here, and here.

T to B: Hush, Melange, Momento, Grandma, Stalker

Lip swatches, with natural on the left and the lip tar on the right:

Grandma: Clean, classic coral

Hush: Antique, bridal pink

Melange: For some reason, it's out of stock on the website and therefore there is no colour description

Momento: Coquettish pink/plum

Stalker: Intense blue-based red

Arm swatches:

L to R: Momento, Grandma, Melange, Hush, Melange (accidentally swatched it twice, haha), Stalker

These can be slightly staining!

I have pretty pigmented lips, although it probably doesn't look like it in the lip photo. As you can clearly see, most of the colours are not what you would call 'bold' on me. They tint my lips barely, so if you have similar colouring, I would suggest purchasing either really bright/dark or really pale/light colours. The in betweens are kinda pointless. I purchased these lip tars on my own, and you can get them online here.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I could have me a good girl and still be addicted to them hoodrats

Went to work today and was greeted with an empty office. Sometimes, you gotta dress up for yourself.

What I'm wearing: Zara pumps and trousers, Forever21 belt, t-shirt, and sweater

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm not the first to know there's just no gettin' over you

So this past weekend, I met up with fellow Toronto bloggers Helen and Kevin to get our grub on! We decided on a place called 7 West, a cafe that's actually open 24 hours. This is within walking distance of Yonge/Bloor station, in case you were wondering. The outside looks very appealing with it's curved awning and lit archway.

Photo taken by Kevin

It's actually very small and narrow inside, with three floors to choose from. We went all the way to the top, and got seated in the enclosed patio. Don't worry, the heat was turned on for us! We shared a bunch of dishes, so I'll give some quick pros and cons:

Nachos - Single serving of tortilla chips, tomatoes, melted cheese, salsa, sour cream, guacamole & jalepenos

Pros: tons of dips, crispy whole wheat chips
Cons: most of the chips were the size of a finger nail so it was really hard to eat, cheese got really hard when it cooled down

Proscuitto Panino w/ side of chips - proscuitto with bocconcini cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and avocado spread

Pros: avocado was really creamy
Cons: sooooo salty, even for proscuitto

Penne Arrabiata - Italian sausage, red peppers, onion & garlic in a spicy tomato sauce

Pros: right amount of spice, bread was really soft
Cons: penne was a bit too firm

Sicilian pita pizza w/ side salad - plum tomatoes, garlic, goat cheese, kalamata olives, fresh basil, mozzarella cheese

Pros: dressing had the right amount of tangyness, thin pizza crust, tons of sauce and cheese
Cons: cheese turned a bit hard when dish cooled down

Chocolate banana cake

Pros: incredibly moist, very light icing in between the layers, banana and chocolate flavours did not overwhelm each other
Cons: side of cake was covered in chocolate chips, which some may find too sweet

Service: 2/5
Servers seemed so nice in the beginning, but that easily changed. They even told us to move out of the way for a larger group that was coming in (Helen and I were trying to take a picture of the room). Once the larger group were seated, most of their attention went to them.

Quality: 3/5
Don't get me wrong, everything tasted good, but nothing stood out. I honestly thought that the salad was the superstar.

Atmosphere: 3/5
Three floors to choose from, variety of different types of seats (chairs and tables, wooden booths, cushioned booths, picnic bench). Although it was a cozy place (which I normally love) it can get quite tight in terms of seating if you come with a group larger than 4. I'm sure it would be a lot better if you came in the afternoon, or on weekdays.

Price: $$
I don't think a single dish was more than $13, but if you're interested in a drink, a martini was 10 bucks!

Overall, food doesn't matter as long as you have good company! :) Looking forward to grubbing out some more in the future!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tell me about it, stud

Can you tell I'm on a serious 'Grease' kick?

Earlier on today, I TwitPic'd
this in utter excitement. It's not like this is the first time I've ever shopped at Holt Renfrew, but it sure is the most money I've ever dropped on a single item!

Are you ready for some major photo porn?

Meet the newest love of my life, the Calista satchel. 10 x 14 x 5 inches of pure leather heaven. Smooth cognac leather with gold detailing, and two different styles of handles. Every inch of hardware has that little plastic protector on it, and I honestly don't think I'll be taking it off any time soon, haha.

The interior is a cute 'MK' stamped lining

Three pockets, one of them zippered. It even comes with an attachment hook that you can put your keys on! No more rummaging around in the dark when you come home late at night.

The other side features two more pockets.

Dreamy sigh. I know it's not a Louis or a Gucci, but it is my first designer bag and I bought it with my own hard earned money! I'm guilty of indulging in mass produced handbags, but I think every one should invest in at least one designer bag. You can't reproduce quality and craftsmanship!

I even received a gift card worth 25% of my total purchase, to be redeemed any time after tomorrow, for the rest of November. I see another purchase in my near future, :).

Saturday, November 6, 2010

You better shape up, cause I need a man

Went to dinner tonight with fellow bloggers Kevin and Helen. Yay for meeting new people! Will post food pictures/review later. Have I mentioned how much I love these tights?

What I'm wearing: Zara (men's) plaid shirt & ankle booties, Forever21 tights, belt, necklace, House of Harlow bracelet

Thursday, November 4, 2010

After a hurricane comes a rainbow

My midterm period is stretched ridiculously long. I have another one this coming Saturday, and then yet another one the following Friday. Then two weeks of full classes, followed by exams.

Managed to snag a mini break in between study sessions and work to grab some late lunch with PNut at Danny's Fish and Chips. It's a very small restaurant, but it looks quite cozy from the inside. Red/brown leather booth seats, with matching red/wooden panels.

Cod and chips

Halibut with half chips and coleslaw


I had the halibut while PNut had the cod. I swear there's no difference in terms of flavour, it's just the texture. Cod is a bit softer, while halibut has a bit more 'flake' to it. The batter was very light, not too thick. It had a nice crunch to it, which I like. The fries were blargh. They were crispy, but not nice crispy. More like burnt-crispy.

Service: 3/5
Only two workers there at the time. We were the only ones in the entire place, and it still took them quite a while to notice we wanted the bill.

Quality: 3/5
Fish was yums, but fries were gross.

Atmosphere: 4/5
I love the cozyness of 'hole in the wall' places.

I mentioned before that I put sauce on everything. Sometimes I think I just order food so that I can drink the sauce while claiming I'm eating something.

Monday, November 1, 2010

I got gloss on my lips, man on my hips

Congrats to Elle (aka Linh) for winning my uber random secret giveaway! Thanks for taking the time to read my posts and leave comments . Check your inbox for an email from me to claim your prize.

PS, I won't be doing this every month, just whenever it strikes my fancy. Maybe it'll encourage you guys to leave more comments, I do love getting feedback!