Saturday, August 28, 2010

Let's go to the Ex!

I LOVE THE EX! I go to it EVEEEEEEERY year.. It's a chance to just hang out with yours friends, bask in the feeling of the warm sun, drink in the carnival lights and flashing signs, and listen to the screams of kids on the rides. When you inhale, you're hit with a myriad of smells.. Roasted corn, pizza, popcorn, and fresh donuts.. Beaver tails, chicken shwarma, fish and chips.. PN and my schedule finally matched up on Friday and we got a chance to go! Took us an hour to get there because the exit on the highway was closed and there were no real detour signs so we got lost... -_- For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you'll have seen most of these pictures. I'm still camera-less and these were taken with PN's iPhone.

The first thing we saw when we got there was this huge line... we immediately jumped in to it without knowing what it was for.. C'mon, if these people are waiting for something, IT MUST BE WORTH IT!

AND IT TOTALLY WAS! Chocolate covered bacon, deep fried Mars bars, Twinkie logs, and deep fried butter... all for only five bucks. I was ecstatic to be trying these two items (bacon and butter), and they were totally worth the 30 minute wait... We stopped right then and there to eat our treats, licking our lips to tempt the people still waiting in line..

Cue photos of me diving in:

The chocolate covered bacon was alright.. Good, but I think I would have rather tried the Mars bar. The bacon was microwaved so it was chewy rather than crispy.. The chocolate was really good though. Not too overpowering, so it was a perfect mixture of salty and sweet. The deep fried butter balls on the other hand? TO DIE FOR! OMG, I wanted to inhale all four... The batter was crispy and the sauces made it a bit sweeter (strawberry, chocolate, caramel, vanilla). The middle is where all the action was.. The lump of butter melted because of the heat of the fryer, so it was at the stage where it melted once it hit your tongue.. Salty butter encased in sweet batter.. I could have eaten more if I wanted to jump back in to the line that now spanned an hour long's wait... My stomach just rumbled remember the texture and taste...

Other than the gambling games, this bowling ball game is my favourite! Taking part in the games is part of the tradition of the CNE... The prizes were soo much better this year! Shrek characters, Hello Kitty, Pokemon, and the most popular... DOMO! Unfortunately, PN didn't win me anything... :( The point of this bowling ball game is to roll the bowling ball with enough strength that it goes up a hill... without too much power so that it rolls back towards starting point. Best part? Only 25 cents! PN got it on the first try, but couldn't do it again, ahahah... Look at the curl of my hands in the second photo.. Total finesse!

We were pretty hungry at this point and had reached the Food Building.. It's basically an elementary school sized building FULL OF (expeensive) FOOD! We wandered around with our craving for fries... and came upon this poutine place! I can't remember what it was called though and didn't think to snap a picture of the banner... :( This is basically a poutine (gravy and cheese curds) with a sunny side up egg and two sausages on top... I put ketchup on everything, and PN doesn't even react anymore ahahah... Obviously, this was DELICIOUS and artery-clogging. Cheese curds still held their shape, but had that nice stringy effect when you bit in to one. Gravy wasn't too overpowering (I actually hate gravy). I finished off with a big ol' pickle.

Next up were the Halls, which are basically buildings that you can shop in. They have an International section that basically sells items from all around the world.. From food, to clothes, to household furniture... There is also discount retail, drugstore makeup/nail polish, and even an entertainment tent! We quickly stopped by the retail area because PN needed to find a new shirt.. in his excitement at finding chocolate covered bacon, he ended up getting some on his white shirt, LOL. I also managed to find a nice pair of slim dress pants from FCUK for only $25!

We also came across this hallway of funhouse mirrors! I was seriously cracking up at the last photo.. PN's legs are skinnier than mine! PN pulled me away saying 'we have to go you're laughing funny,' LOL. How rude.

We quickly rushed to the other side of the Halls to catch the SuperDogs show! I love this show and watch it every year.. and it's always different! It's basically just a bunch of dogs doing crazy tricks, dancing, and running obstacle courses. I was screaming like I was in a horror movie and my life depended on it... I had a headache as we were leaving because I got too excited, LOL (I also get headaches when I laugh too much...).

After the show we wandered back outside to peruse the games.. My favourites include the colour game and the over/under game (all gambling ones, ahah). We ended the night at the casino they have, where we saw my dad! He actually lectured me about gambling even though he's been going almost every night, LOL. He INFORMED me that I wasn't allowed to play, only watch.. Then he dragged me over to the $1 game and said that was the only thing I could play. He even wanted us to leave with him ahaha. After he left to go home, we indulged in a little Blackjack and War, coming out with our pockets a little emptier... :(

Overall, it was an amaaaaaaaaaazing day. I definitely plan on coming back several more times before the Ex leaves in September!

PN's quote of the day: 'I like you because you like to eat, but then I don't like you because that means I have to share my food.'

... how romantic.

Wearing: Romper, purse - Forever21, Shoes - Urban Planet, Sheer blouse - H&M

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I am still camera-less and very devastated by it, :(. I hate not having any photos in a blog post, which is why I've been avoiding doing any... but it looks so lonely on here that I'll just do a quickie.

10 things that annoy me the most:
1. People who merge in to your lane only to drive slower than they were driving before (WTH IT'S CALLED THE PASSING LANE FOR A REASON).
2. People who don't realize it when they have an advanced green.
3. People who take out their card from the ATM machine, only to put it back in to do another transaction.
4. Repeating myself more than once.
5. People who stop in doorways/stair cases.
6. Girls who wear a full face of make-up to the gym.
7. Girls who sit on a machine, do 2 reps of the lightest weights, then sit there for half an hour talking. (GTFO OF MY WAY)
8. Dogs that aren't obedient (aka won't stop barking).
9. People who hang their arms/legs/feet out of the car window.
10. Children.

What are some things that annoy YOU?

I miss how beautifully coconut-y brown I was... :(

Sunday, August 15, 2010

AARGH! (a la Charlie Brown)

Sooo, guess who just lost their camera?

DEVASTATION. I think I dropped it on the way from the parking lot to Yorkdale mall.. And I realized it wasn't in my purse as soon as I walked in the doors, and we walked back to look for it but it was already GONE. GREEDY SNATCHERSASKEGHAKWEHGRGH. I was pretty upset, especially since PN gave it to me as a Christmas gift.

What's even worse is that he's being SO DAMN NICE ABOUT IT. I'm so frustrated and I feel so guilty.. No blog posts for a while until I replace it (unless I use old photos like I've been doing).

Now, should I just replace it with a regular point and shoot, or invest in a DSLR (the cheapest one out there, of course haha). I had the Canon SD780 and it was perfect for me. :( Tear.

PN being a good sport and letting my niece and nephew shoot him with water guns.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Love is a Battlefield

Haha, look how sunburnt in the face we were!


It's hard to dish advice in regards to relationships because for one thing, everyone is different, which means every relationship is different. Dynamics that work for one couple most definitely won't work for another. Nobody is perfect, and instead of envying another couple, focus on your significant other.

PN and I have been together for quite some time now, which means we've had 23904823975 fights and have made up 2893782375 times. To get some insight in to what guys are thinking, I asked him to list three annoying things that I do (don't worry, I didn't get mad haha).

Enjoying a cocktail.

1. You take too long to get ready/You change your outfit too many times.

Guilty as charged. Sometimes I'm pretty good about getting ready, especially if I woke up late. Other times, I'll sit and stare at my closet for probably 20 minutes, and still have no clue what to wear. Even worse is that I've changed my mind about what to wear 4 times in one night. My reasoning? I like to look good (I know all you ladies out there are nodding your head right now). It doesn't matter if we're just watching a movie or going out to a casual dinner with some friends, I like to have my shit on POINT! Isn't it worth waiting 30 minutes to have some serious arm candy when you're out and about? I think all couples should put some effort into the way they look, no matter how long they have been dating. It shows that you still care about the other person enough to try to dress and impress. The day I wear sweatpants to a movie with PN is the day I stop caring, period.


Nobody likes to wrong, but 99% of the time, somebody is. I'm quite stubborn, and I'd rather pluck my eye lashes then admit I'm wrong. I'll admit that I don't say 'sorry' as often as I should, but I'm working on that. In an argument, you ALWAYS think you're right and the other person is wrong, that's natural. The best way to get past an argument is to take a deep breath, hear the other person out, and compromise. You don't get your way in life 100% of the time, so why should you expect that in a relationship?

3. You're always on my ass/You nag. A LOT.

This is a common complaint in most relationships. PN and I are completely divided on this one, but that's life. PN is very laid back, and I can be really anal about some things (toilet seat, AHEM). He thinks that I nag/worry/stress waaaaay too much, and I think the reason I nag so much is because he's lazy and won't get up off his butt. This doesn't have to be a relationship-killer, though. I've learned to mellow out a bit, and he's learned to just do things the first time I ask (haha). Like I said, nobody is perfect. Most women nag, and most men are lazy. It's nothing new, and is an expected part of the relationship. It takes hard work to be accepting.

Disheveled after a trip through the forest in this darn contraption.

Some days, I want lie in bed with PN all day and talk about our future. Other days I want to clobber him with a 2x4. It's all about finding a balance, and I feel like we complement each other quite well. Put in the effort, and your significant other will reciprocate. Laziness is a relationship killer. Nobody should have to put up with a (wo)man who's too lazy to make plans, too lazy to go out, too lazy to do anything. If they're not willing to try, why should you? Know your worth.

Fight hard, love hard.

All photos are from our recent trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Asians are quite known for their hair. Long, dark, smooth, poker straight, and silky. Sadly, the only thing that I got from this list was the silky texture. And not even the silky smooth kind, more like the silky frizzy kind (if that makes any sense). This means that it's extreeeeemely hard for me to wear those stretchy headbands, and even bobby pins have trouble keeping a grip for more than a few hours. This means that I've been avoiding the silk scarf trend this spring/summer.. until now! Here's a meeeeeeega easy way to wear a silk scarf that is actually secure and slip-proof!

What you'll need:
1. Silk scarf (preferably in the square shape)
2. Wide, sturdy headband.

A step by step photo of what to do.

1. Fold silk scarf in half so that opposite corners meet.
2. Fold the tip of the scarf over the headband.
3. Keep folding. Make sure you fold tightly.

You can wear your new scarf headband the regular way you would wear a headband, or the way I did! I just wore it backwards, with the headband resting against the back of my head. Tie into a cute bow, and voila!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


So I've just noticed that I only do blog posts when I have photos/outfits to fill it with. Aaand I've also noticed that I don't really talk much about myself/my life, and although this is mainly a fashion/makeup/foodie blog, I do want it to be a fashion/makeup/foodie/life blog as well! Thus, here is a list of 10 random facts about me, all non-serious so I can save all that drama for another post.

1. I put lemon on everything, NO JOKE. I can even eat plain rice with some lemon squeezed on top. I'm a sauce junkie (although lemon isn't really a sauce). My top three are ketchup, lemon, and nuoc mam, otherwise known as fish sauce. I seriously will put these three on anything and everything, and PN is FLABBERGASTED. He DESPISES nuoc mam, and the smell makes him gag, but I love it (all you viets holllaaaaaa).

2. I have a huuuuuuge phobia with all things regarding my neck. I don't like watching people touch theirs, and I would neeeeeeeeeever touch my own. I can't wear turtle necks or chokers. I don't sleep on my back unless the blanket is pulled up past my neck to my nose. I can't even sleep with my shirt resting against my neck, so I normally pull the collar up to my chin or even my nose, or I sleep nude (teehee).

3. I haz ze ugly feet. They're big (at least for my height), callused and blistered up because I prefer fashion over comfort. At least until a blister pops and I walk home crying in bare feet, carrying my fabulous shoes in my hand.

4. All my emotions are hardwired to my tear ducts.

5. I am my daddy's little girl, but what girl isn't? My fondest memories is of him putting me down for my naps when I was younger because I would always fight my mom when she tried. He would line my bed with pillows to create a fort, and if I cried when I was woken up (which was almost always) he would carry me around with him until I stopped.

6. I was a devil child (apparently). All my aunts and uncles on my mother's side have collectively agreed that I was the worst child to babysit. Their favourite story to tell PN is that time I stacked two chairs together and emptied an entire tube of toothpaste all over the bathroom walls and mirror. Or the time I punched my brother in the face.

7. When I laugh too much/get too excited, I gag, then get a headache.

8. I am a bed hog. I don't sleep in a 'star' position but I still manage to take up a large portion of the bed.

9. I still have my baby blanket. It's raggity and isn't even it's original colour, but I still love it. It's not my original baby blanket though. I somehow managed to lose it in a room in my cousin's house, and nobody knows where it is to this day.

10. I try not to eat red meat, unless it's in a Big Mac.

A random photo from May 2-4!

What are some random facts about YOU?