Monday, October 25, 2010

Well we'll float on good news is on the way

Can you see PN and I? Ahaha

Dating. Relationships. Love.

I am a romantic at heart. I cry during all sorts of love scenes, I read waaaay too much into song lyrics, and I secretly yearn for flowers and presents 'just because.' I peruse wedding blogs for colour board inspirations, and catch up on baby blogs for tips, although I am nowhere close to having a baby. Having said all that, I do not believe in love at first sight, or even unconditional love. I even get mad sometimes when movies have happy endings.

The phrase 'love at first sight' just seems so arbitrary. For one thing, you don't know a person just by looking at them, so how could you really love them, or even like them? You notice someone based purely on their physical appearance, which means you're more likely to notice a person if something about them makes your special parts tingle.. And that's pure lust, baby. No one has ever said 'I noticed your amazing ability to empathize from across the room and I just had to come and meetcha.'

Although I'm sometimes tempted to poke PN's eyeballs out with my stilettos, I love him dearly. Will I love him forever? Will we get married? Is he 'The One?' Honest answer? I have no friggin' clue, I'm only 20! I know myself enough that I will never say that I will love someone forever. Imagine how stupid I would look if I were to say that, and a week/month/year later, we broke up! Forever is an extremely long time, especially when you're young.

I believe that only one kind of unconditional love exists, and that is the love of a parent for their child. I don't think that significant others are really capable of 'unconditional love.' I believe in standing by your partner through a myriad of problems (health, family, finances, life) but no where in my wedding vows will I ever include infidelity. If PN ever cheated on me, emotionally or physically, you can bet on your grandma's life that his ass is being kicked to the curb, just like mine would be if I were to be unfaithful to him.

At the risk of sounding like a hypocrite, I do still believe in love and commitment, just not the forever kind (at least for right now). And to show that I do have a heart and not just a lump of coal, one silly thing that I love about PN is that he likes to comb my hair.

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MeiBelle said...

Lol I'm such a sucker for love. I'm such a sap that I cried in almost all Disney movies and have moulin rouge as my favorite movie even though it's the freakin saddest movie evar!!! But anyway, maybe it's cause I'm older but I definitely feel I've found the one. I've been with my Beau for over 6 years now and love him more every day.

I realized that having the one isn't meant to be perfect. Just perfect for you ^__^

Btw I know I tweeted you but I just wanted you to know that I got my package!! Thank you so very much darlin!

helen said...

Totally agree with the "love at first sight" point. Although I think physical attraction is important in a relationship, by no means it should be the most important or the only factor to love... that's just stupid.

Unconditional love exists outside of family! It is rare though.

I think we say "forever" in hopes of an actual "forever". We don't actually know if it is in fact eternality until the very last second.

Jane said...

reading your post made me smile. :)

Elle said...

You totally convinced me about not believing in love at first sight... then again I don't think I ever did believe in it much.

Btw, your last sentence truly is cute and made me smile =]

Kelly said...

this is the cutest ever (:
I love wedding&Baby blogs!
Do you have any favorites to share?

xJOLE said...

Wedding blog:

Baby blogs:

WeddingBee was actually created by JustBee, hence the similar name!

Kelly said...

these are really cute (: ill take the time to browse through all of them! I love your blog, btw! it serves a genuine source and awesome inspiration!