Wednesday, October 6, 2010

They tell me time is money, well we'll spend it together

Midterms are coming up, and school is totally kicking my butt. Posts will probably slow down a little this month.. Just thought I'd do a quick post about some upcoming jacket trends for the fall season!

images via shopnastygal

The shearling/aviator jacket. This is a great piece because you get to mix textures and shapes. You can go badass with a leather mix (1), or keep it nice and loose with a less structured silhouette (2). Of course, you can go totally over the top as well (3).

images via asos

The cape jacket has tons of different alternatives. You can have really shapeless one that essentially fits like a cape: button around the neck, no sleeves (1). Other styles (2) include ones with fitted sleeves, bell-shaped sleeves, or even a belt. All of these still give you the voluminous shape that this offers.

I've seen many jackets that I like, although I have not taken the plunge in purchasing one. The main reason why is because I get cold very easily. I'm usually the first person out of all my friends to bust out the winter jacket (the TNA ski parka that absolutely every Asian girl has) and it's usually not enough. I tend to wear many layers... Stockings, tights, additional socks, pants, tank top, tshirt, cardigan, scarf, hat, two pairs of gloves... and this is on a non-snowy day! So I know that these kinds of jackets probably won't be very functional for me (as in they won't keep me warm)... but I can still dream!

What are your fall lusts?

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helen said...

Canada Goose jacket >_< Have you considered getting one? I've never tried it on but they seem very promising lol... I'm thinking of getting one soon...

Pamela said...

i like the cape jacket. Also saw it on Gossip Girl. Looks cool!! however, i don't think i would spend money on that (especially if it's really cold outside). I also have the TNA jacket (short beige one) which is not so bad because at least everyone owns either the black, brown or grey one. but yeah, i totally believe you how every asian girl seems to own one. Canada Goose is a good brand but very expensive. I got a Soia & Kyo jacket at the Winners near Steeles and Dufferin/Bathurst. half off and they had a lot of selection!