Sunday, October 31, 2010

I was working in the lab late one night

Happy Halloween everyone!

Saw this on the highway, LOL.

Only two people rang my doorbell tonight, talk about a total fail! PNut and I's contribution to a recent potluck/costume party:

Jello shots, ice cream cone cupcakes

Three guesses as to what we were! And if you don't watch TV, click here and you'll get it. What did you guys dress up as for Halloween?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one

I'm totally loving this shirt. However, it has a weird habit of sitting on top of my boobs like a shelf, hence the scandalous-ness of the last photo. Happy Halloween!

What I'm wearing: H&M striped top, Forever21 knitted shawl, American Eagle ripped jeans, Le Chateau red pumps

Monday, October 25, 2010

Well we'll float on good news is on the way

Can you see PN and I? Ahaha

Dating. Relationships. Love.

I am a romantic at heart. I cry during all sorts of love scenes, I read waaaay too much into song lyrics, and I secretly yearn for flowers and presents 'just because.' I peruse wedding blogs for colour board inspirations, and catch up on baby blogs for tips, although I am nowhere close to having a baby. Having said all that, I do not believe in love at first sight, or even unconditional love. I even get mad sometimes when movies have happy endings.

The phrase 'love at first sight' just seems so arbitrary. For one thing, you don't know a person just by looking at them, so how could you really love them, or even like them? You notice someone based purely on their physical appearance, which means you're more likely to notice a person if something about them makes your special parts tingle.. And that's pure lust, baby. No one has ever said 'I noticed your amazing ability to empathize from across the room and I just had to come and meetcha.'

Although I'm sometimes tempted to poke PN's eyeballs out with my stilettos, I love him dearly. Will I love him forever? Will we get married? Is he 'The One?' Honest answer? I have no friggin' clue, I'm only 20! I know myself enough that I will never say that I will love someone forever. Imagine how stupid I would look if I were to say that, and a week/month/year later, we broke up! Forever is an extremely long time, especially when you're young.

I believe that only one kind of unconditional love exists, and that is the love of a parent for their child. I don't think that significant others are really capable of 'unconditional love.' I believe in standing by your partner through a myriad of problems (health, family, finances, life) but no where in my wedding vows will I ever include infidelity. If PN ever cheated on me, emotionally or physically, you can bet on your grandma's life that his ass is being kicked to the curb, just like mine would be if I were to be unfaithful to him.

At the risk of sounding like a hypocrite, I do still believe in love and commitment, just not the forever kind (at least for right now). And to show that I do have a heart and not just a lump of coal, one silly thing that I love about PN is that he likes to comb my hair.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Run away fast as you can

Sometimes, it's okay to settle for 'just getting by.'

What I'm wearing: Forever21 blouse, tights, and rings, American Apparel cardigan, Zara wedges, House of Harlow ring

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The clock's ticking, I just count the hours

Sometimes, I think it's easier to be a boy (or at least look like one.)

Wearing: Forever 21 blouse and belt, American Eagle jeans

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I come home in the morning light

Went to watch 'Life as We Knew It' with Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel. It's your typical 'rom-com' movie.. Predictable ending, but it did have its funny moments. This is a movie you can pass on, however (Secretariat would have been sooooooo much better *side eye to PN*).

The best way to break in a pair of heels, or even to get used to walking in them/wearing them, is to wear them when you're running small errands. I wear them when I do a load of laundry, when I go to the movies, or even when I'm going to someone's house for dinner (I'm Asian, so I automatically take my shoes off when I enter someone's home). Wearing heels for a short amount of time makes it easier for you to wear them in the long run. You're molding your feet into the proper shape, and you're building up the pads of your feet so that you can wear them for longer periods.

On another note.. I'm in love with my new leggings from Forever21! It has that shiny lacquer look of faux leather, motocross knees, and equestrian panels on the side..... sigh. Perfect blend.

What I'm wearing: American Apparel v-neck sweater, Forever21 leggings, Zara pumps

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Like a tall glass of lemonade

Fall's hottest new accessories (at least according to me) are knit scarves and structured satchels!

Images via ASOS

By knit scarves, I mean HUGE knit scarves. The kind that can sweep the floor unless you wrap it 5 times around your head. I'm loving this style not only because of it's warmth potential, but because of its shape. It can take a plain, form-fitting jacket/trench, and turn it into something fun and entirely different. I especially love this kind of scarf on petite people, because it's so overwhelming. It gives the person a kind of a whimsical/boho look without looking too hobo. I'm determined to find a scarf for under $50. I've perused Zara and H&M, but I'm pretty particular about the chunkiness that I want.

Images via ALDO, shopnastygal, and ASOS

I know that satchels have been around for a while, but I'm really in to the new, boxy shape. I think of these as 'doctor' bags. Of course, the cross-body option makes it very popular as well. I'mfavouring these bags in a brown colour, especially cognac. The double buckle is a nice (nonfunctional) detail, and I love the texture on the first bag. The second photo is technically a laptop bag, but I love the stud details, and the extremely rectangular shape. My ideal satchel would have the shape and flap of the first bag, but in a smooth cognac leather, with shiny gold tabs instead of buckles (aka the bag that I saw on some girl in my dentist's office, but who left before I could ask where she got it from).

What fall accessories are you guys on the hunt for?

When your heart beats next to mine

Bier Market. Over 100 kinds of beer + insanely loud music + best 'getting to know each other' game ever. Enough said.

Never have I ever met a group of such amaaaaaaaazing (and DIRTY, ahah) ladies (and boy!).

Didn't manage to get an outfit picture, so here's a quick resurrection!

What I'm wearing: Striped crop top - H&M, Beige blazer and shoes (not pictured, but the ones from this post) - Zara, Skinny jeans - Domino, Scarf - somewhere in Vietnam, Jewelry (not pictured) - House of Harlow, Forever21

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

They tell me time is money, well we'll spend it together

Midterms are coming up, and school is totally kicking my butt. Posts will probably slow down a little this month.. Just thought I'd do a quick post about some upcoming jacket trends for the fall season!

images via shopnastygal

The shearling/aviator jacket. This is a great piece because you get to mix textures and shapes. You can go badass with a leather mix (1), or keep it nice and loose with a less structured silhouette (2). Of course, you can go totally over the top as well (3).

images via asos

The cape jacket has tons of different alternatives. You can have really shapeless one that essentially fits like a cape: button around the neck, no sleeves (1). Other styles (2) include ones with fitted sleeves, bell-shaped sleeves, or even a belt. All of these still give you the voluminous shape that this offers.

I've seen many jackets that I like, although I have not taken the plunge in purchasing one. The main reason why is because I get cold very easily. I'm usually the first person out of all my friends to bust out the winter jacket (the TNA ski parka that absolutely every Asian girl has) and it's usually not enough. I tend to wear many layers... Stockings, tights, additional socks, pants, tank top, tshirt, cardigan, scarf, hat, two pairs of gloves... and this is on a non-snowy day! So I know that these kinds of jackets probably won't be very functional for me (as in they won't keep me warm)... but I can still dream!

What are your fall lusts?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

You act like you never had love

One inch platform with a 5 inch heel. Everything looks so much smaller from way up here.

Wearing: Pumps - Zara, view online here

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Thanks to everyone who entered my first contest! It officially ended last night, so I thought I'd just go ahead and pick the winner.

A funny thing I noticed is that some of you who commented don't actually follow my blog (which was a requirement), but follow me on Twitter. I still counted these, since there weren't that many anyway (just two). Another thing I noticed is that some of you posted your Twitter as a second entry, but didn't actually follow me.

So a big congratulations to s., aka Samantha! I sent you an e-mail, so check your inbox for that.

I enjoy the whole giveaway thing, and I'm thinking about doing random giveaways from time to time. Perhaps every once in a while I'll randomly pick a blog entry, and then a comment as a winner. This should encourage people to comment more! I love responding. It feels like I'm actually talking to someone, rather than just posting something on the internet. A big appreciative thank you to every one!

Happy October!