Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You were born a Goddess, I made you my queen

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These four products have been my go-to face products for all of summer. I'm not a fan of heavy make-up, and I've never even worn a full face of liquid foundation before! This method gives me very decent coverage and feels extremely light weight.

1. BENEFIT bo-oing concealer in '02' - available at Sephora here
This concealer isn't entirely too creamy, so I would suggest applying this before your moisturizer has fully been absorbed. This has amazing coverage, and I've gone out many times with just this on my face. This has strong yellow undertones. The downside is that this is only available on 3 shades.

2. MAC msf natural/shimmer in 'medium dark' - available at MAC here
I use this only as a setting powder, as well as to even out my skin tone. As a powder foundation goes, this thing is pretty useless. It's SO sheer. Great thing to use if you've got oily skin.

3. EVERYDAY MINERALS blush in 'daydream' - available at Everyday Minerals here
This is the perfect matte blush. It's a muted rose colour, and it's virtually impossible to over-apply. I tend to have a heavy hand, so this is a plus for me. This is really versatile and suits all skin tones. I love the blurry/dreamy effect this gives me. This bad boy has 6 g, which means it will last you FOREVER.

4. MAC blushcreme pearl in 'ladyblush' - available at MAC here
This product has been raaaaaaaaaved about, so there's not much for me to add. I have oily/combo skin, so I know I'm supposed to avoid cream products, but I love this just too much! A little goes a long way.. I tap my stippling brush only twice into the pan, and it's enough. I don't even need a highlighter when I use this, since it gives me a nice glow.

L to R, T to B: bare face, concealer, msf, daydream blush

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helen said...

Very natural, me like =D
I didn't like the MSF on me, it didn't really do anything.
EDM blushes last a lifetime. I have Apple and Summer Stroll in pressed form and I haven't even made a dent yet.

MeiBelle said...

You look fabulous! I always wanted to try Bo-oing but but i'm like never sure of what shade to use haha.

Speaking of MAC blush creme, the one you sent me is fab fab fab! I love it! <3