Sunday, September 12, 2010

You used to captivate me with your resonating light

So this past weekend (September 10-12) was the MAC/Estee Lauder Warehouse sale! I got tickets for Saturday, and I arrived at around 8 am. WOW, it was crazy busy this time around. Normally, there is probably less than 100 people in front of me when I go this time, but there was easily 200 people this time around. Soooo many things that I wanted were sold out, :(. I actually didn't leave with very much.. I was very good and bought things that I really needed and/or that I've been looking at for a long time and considering buying. Click on photos to see product names!

L to R: natural, shimmer, spread out in thick layer, blob, blended in to skin

The MSF that I purchased at the last sale (Medium) was actually too light for me! I thought it was because I still had some leftover tan from my vacation to the Dominican Republic in April, but even now it's a tad too light! The foundation part blends nicely in to the back of my hand. When I compared the Medium to the Medium Dark, I thought there was such a difference! The Strobe Cream will be a nice liquid highlighter for the winter, since my skin is more chapped in the colder weather.

MAC 165 brush

Lashes in #41

What's great about these lashes is that they're extremely long.. So I can cut one in half, and have two pairs in one case!

This is actually all that I bought, can you believe it?! I really wanted to try the MAC Face and Body Foundation, but all the colours from C1 to C7 were completely sold out already! Fiona went on Friday, and she told me they actually put a cap on it (20 foundations per person) and people were actually hitting the max! The next thing I really wanted were the Blush Ombres in Vibrant Grape and Springshine. When I got to the powders/blushes table, they were still there but by the time I reached the employees, it was sold out. :( I didn't bother checking out the quads/eyes shadows/lip products because I have waaaay more than enough.

Charity packages time!

Clockwise from top: Assertive slimshine, Louder, Please matte e/s, Blonde brow pencil

This is the charity package from Friday that Fiona kindly picked up for me! I thought the All Over Lotion would have some amazing strobe cream/dewy affect, but it looked just like regular lotion.

L to R: two blended colours, silver, dark silver

This was the free gift that they had.. I believe it was the same for all three days.

Clockwise from top: Mineralize All Over Lotion, Roman Holiday dazzleglass, Spanking Rich dazzle glass, Eversun beauty powder blush

This charity package from Saturday. I picked up two of these, one for Sheryl, and one for a potential swap! I actually already have 3/4 of these items, so if any of you readers got a different package, send me a message and we'll arrange something! None of the items have been swatched.

Just to give you guys an idea about much you save when waiting for the haul, I bought my cousin a night cream, day cream, eye cream, and serum for all under $100 (Clinique, Origins, nand MAC).

I'm trying to control my hoarding impulses and this is a start! I even thew out the boxes to the items that I've swatched. :) *pats self on back*

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JANE said...

The swatches for Family Silver look gorgeous!

Edwina said...

Great haul!

I didn't know about the charity packages until I saw your blog.. actually i saw the sign right before the exit and I was kind of confused. As I was walking out the exit (still excited about the free gift that I got), my bf was like 'hey i think u can get something if u donate' but i was already out of the building -_- i just watched one of ur youtube videos and found out you just have to donate $5!!! OMG I missed out big time :(

Haha I agree I do have pretty good restraints! I was trying to spend as little as possible, but still ended up spending about $160 incl tax :S

MeiBelle said...

OOOOOOOH Pretty shinies!!! ^^ Family Silver looks fab!

JANE said...

The swatches for Family Silver look gorgeous!