Saturday, September 4, 2010

Round two... and round three!

I just wanted to wrap up my post on CNE! I've been twice more since my last post.. and will probably go one last time before they leave on Labour Day! For those of you who were wondering how I could possibly dish out the admission price every time... my dad gets free passes/parking every year, and I soooo take advantage of it!

PN and I went again on Monday with some of our (actaully, MY) friends.. and of course, we immediately hopped in to line.

The choice this time? DEEP FRIED MARS BAR! It's a regular sized Mars bar dipped in to batter and then deep fried... It looked like a corn dog!

This thing was amazing.. The texture was incredible! The batter was nice and crispy on the outside and tasted like waffles.. The Mars bar itself wasn't completely melted so the caramel still had some chewiness to it. Definitely on the sweeter side, but soooooooooooo goood.

We spent the rest of the night playing an obscene amount of games... and I left empty handed again (so much for winning me a Domo, AHEM PN AHEM.).

What I'm wearing: Cropped top, shorts - H&M, Gladiator sandals - Urban Planet, Earrings - Online, Bag, ring - Forever21

Made another trip to the Ex on Wednesday, but this time...

With an army of girls! Met up with some gawwwwjus beauty enthusiasts (and of course, we're in the deep fried line again).

I convinced them that it was a must-try, and here we are pigging out on our treats, :). FOOD COMA!

We spent the night exploring, and even had a quick ride on the ferris wheel!

What I'm wearing: Tribal tank top, white tank top, shorts & bag - Forever21 (I hate when that happens), Sandals - Old Navy

Guess who finally got a new camear?! *does a jig* Will post on it soon! Good night for nowwww!

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