Monday, September 13, 2010

It set my soul on fire

Five fun facts:

1. I like to watch people eat, CREEPY I KNOW. It's just so fascinating, but the worst part is that I'm not very subtle about it. I just stare, LOL. The best eater I've ever seen is my cousin. Honestly, HE EATS SOOO NICE. Everything goes right in to his mouth without touching his lips. It just goes from bowl right to his tongue. EVEN RICE. I like to watch PN eat too, but for other reasons. He eats like it's going to be his last meal forever. And EVERY meal is like that. He makes it sound sooo tasty.

2. I chew gum with my mouth open. YES I'M THAT ANNOYING PERSON. I usually catch myself and I force myself to do it with my mouth closed. I just really like the way it sounds!

3. When I open a bag of candy, I have to finish it. I have noooooo self control when it comes to things like that. I'll put it away to save for later, and next thing I know my hand is scraping the bottom of an empty bag.

4. I enjoy driving by myself. But only on breezy, sunshine-filled days. I like to roll down my window, put the sunroof back and just let the wind whip my hair around my face. But add another person in to the car, and I don't enjoy it as much (I don't know why that is).

5. I am a speed demon on the road. And I'm actually pretty amazing at parking. No, seriously. I'm amazing at all kinds of parking.

Tell me something about yourself!

A lunch break at IKEA. This all came from ONE hot dog (PN's).

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helen said...

OMG ANNOYING PERSON!!! AHAHAA!!!! Your first two points are hilarious!!!

I use to love poking people right below the ribs and I get the FUNNIEST reactions (twitching and screaming). But when it's payback time (anyone who dared to do it to me) I chased them down with my fist XDDD

alyssa said...

Number 3 and 4 are totally me too! Haha candy is such a weakness of mine!

Something else about myself: I can't swim or ride a bike. Crazy, I know huh??

Anonymous said...

totally understand the riding alone fact!

i'm a lifeguard and i love watching people swim!! whether they can or can't everyone looks so innocent and vulnerable.

i loved this post.