Sunday, September 5, 2010

The DJ's got us falling in love again

So after a few weeks of debating, the camera that I finally settled on was the Canon SD1400.. now only to find it in the colour that I wanted! I like my cameras to be a bit unique, and I loooooooved the red colour of the SD780, but unfortunately, no can do :(. The next best thing was the orange, which was surprisingly popular. After finally tracking one down, I made the commitment and purchased it.

The camera in all of its glory...

One reason I was attracted to this camera was because of the new features!

The fisheye effect: Pomeranian to a Chowchow.

The miniature affect, otherwise known as the 'extreme focus on the bowl, blur everything else' affect.

With 14.1 megapixels, the quality of this camera is quite amazing. I even like myself on flash, which I neeeeeeeever use. Flash tends to highlight all your imperfections, which is why I normally stay away from it.. White cast is from my BB cream, :(, but otherwise a very nice photo! This camera also has a 16x zoom. There was a card with something written on it, and I could still read it perfectly even though I was standing on the opposite side of the room. Quite some powerful stuff! Another new feature on it is the 'Smart Shutter.' It automatically takes photos when it detects a smile. Teeth smiles register a lot faster than non-teeth ones! This camera also saw the return of 'Colour Swap' and 'Colour Accent,' which for some strange reason I could never find on the SD780.

I'm in love!

What I'm wearing: Top, skirt & bag - Forever21, Jacket - H&M, Shoes - Bebe, Bracelet - House of Harlow

Stupid improper bra and its darn game of peekaboo -_-

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helen said...

point and shoots are just getting better and better!! I agree with having a more unique camera just makes you love it so much more =D

Anonymous said...

yay for new camera!!