Thursday, September 23, 2010

Don't be so quick to walk away

I've had some insane cravings for some ramen since reading Kevin's blog post, so PN took me to Ajisen Ramen.

It's quite small and cozy, and there were tons of workers even though there was only two other tables while we were there.

They had this cool wall of ramen bowls from different years, starting from 1986. The bowls ended at 2002 (I don't know why).

Assorted Seafood Ramen

Spicy Beef Ramen

This is usually where I go crazy about the flavour/texture/what not, but.... I didn't like it. :( I didn't even finish it. CRY! I was expecting this to be AMAZING, and while it was good, it wasn't great.. The noodles were a bit too firm for my taste, which I was surprised about since I prefer my noodles to be a bit chewy. The seafood was bland, and my soup was meh. PN's soup tasted like the flavour packet from instant noodles (the Mamma Mia silver package to be exact!).

I loved the big ass spoon. It was like a mini-bowl!

Ursula! Ahaha (from The Little Mermaid)

Overall, my taste buds were sad, but I was still happy to spend the day with PN. It's hard to get our school/work schedule in sync, but our love for food will always find a way!

What I'm wearing: Tank, rings - Forever 21, Trousers, belt - H&M, Cardigan - American Apparel, Wedges - Zara

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helen said...

I have the same belt in black =D I should've bought the one you have too though lol XDDD

and wait.. is that a squid :s ewwwww >_< If I found that in my food, I would've freaked out and ran out the door >_<

MeiBelle said...

You look fab! According to Pam there is a "the shit" Ramen place in NY, u need to come here so we can go eat together!! <3

Anonymous said...

try the curry pork, or shrimp there.. it is TO DIE FOR! but yes, their ramens aren't too good..


i love ajisan ramen! haha great post indeed:)


The Little Dust Princess said...

The photos look yummy, but I heard that place sucked. LOL xD Cute outfit post : )

jooLee said...

I just tried this for the first time a few days ago - the meats are either a hit or miss! Out of all the dishes my table ordered, the grilled chicken was the only good one