Sunday, August 15, 2010

AARGH! (a la Charlie Brown)

Sooo, guess who just lost their camera?

DEVASTATION. I think I dropped it on the way from the parking lot to Yorkdale mall.. And I realized it wasn't in my purse as soon as I walked in the doors, and we walked back to look for it but it was already GONE. GREEDY SNATCHERSASKEGHAKWEHGRGH. I was pretty upset, especially since PN gave it to me as a Christmas gift.

What's even worse is that he's being SO DAMN NICE ABOUT IT. I'm so frustrated and I feel so guilty.. No blog posts for a while until I replace it (unless I use old photos like I've been doing).

Now, should I just replace it with a regular point and shoot, or invest in a DSLR (the cheapest one out there, of course haha). I had the Canon SD780 and it was perfect for me. :( Tear.

PN being a good sport and letting my niece and nephew shoot him with water guns.

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Elle said...

totally go for the dslr, it'll be worth it and the photos would come out a whole lottaa better =] said...

^what does she know

anyway hello my dearest! LOL. Hey we both used charlie brown when AUUUGHing, that's such a coincidence! You know things always happen for a reason. I no longer get upset when my computer or whatever breaks because who cares? It's only a piece of machinery. Money can be saved up and things can be replaced. As long as you healthy, life is good.

Please continue blogging T_T Just use your phone cam it doesn't have to be incredible quality.

To answer your question, the macaroons I had were from a pretty well known toronto chef:

I went to the Avenue Road one. You can certainly try Manor Road location (original establishment and near subway. Mine was near lawrence and harder to get to unless you have car). They were fucking delicious BUT not all the flavours were that tasty! Blueberry wasn't so great. Mint chocolate (mint green colour) was unbelievably good. Take PN there and report back to me after you have eaten it.

You and I belong in the same kitchen. Just last week I was thinking "now where the fuck do I find ice cream mochi in Toronto?" I've seen people post pictures of mango mochi or green tea mochi and honestly I don't know where to get fresh ones (only lotte daifuku from chinese supermarket). I'll sniff around.

PS everybody do the powahhh clap. *CLAP*. *CLAP*. *CLAP*. *CLAP*. :)