Monday, July 26, 2010

Instant gratification

All I ever seem to be doing lately is going to school or working, so I wanted a day where I could indulge in my favourite things... Soaking up the sun and pigging out!

PN and I took the time to FINALLY explore Unionville today. It's been on our to do list ever since we started dating two years ago, and we finally got to cross it off our list! It's located in Markham, and is such a cute area to walk around! It's filled with cobbled sidewalks, flowers and unique shops/boutiques. Almost every restaurant/pub had patio seating!

First shop we stopped in was Old Firehall Confectionary. LOOK AT THE ARRAY OF TREATS! Of course we couldn't leave without ordering some..

Stopped by a pub to order some grub.. Which we murdered, of course.

So I asked PN to take some outfit photos for me, but you can CLEARLY see where his focus was, haha JERK! And teehee at his shadow peeking in the corner of the second picture. We finished off the day by lounging by a pool and having dinner with his family at Pickle Barrel.. NEVER AGAIN! There was a hair in our appetizer, and for those of you who follow me on Twitter, A SPIDER CRAWLED OUT OF MY SALAD. Only upside was the free meal and dessert tray. SHUDDER.

Wearing: Tube dress - American Apparel, Black oversized tank - Aritzia, Bracelets, rings & headband - Aldo, Forever21, Sandals - Urban Planet

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MeiBelle said...

i love your style and your frame! So jealous!!