Thursday, July 29, 2010

You give me a feeling that I never felt before..

.. and I deserve it, I know I deserve itt (8)

So my dentist is located in downtown Toronto, and PN jumped at the chance to drive me to my appointment. Why? Because it was a chance to go back to
Big Fat Burrito! Located in Kensington Market, this place looks totally unappealing from the outside.. but there is always a long ass line up for their food!

The first time we went here was last fall, and we always get random cravings for it, but the location makes it hard to drop by. There's a lot of variety in terms of the actual burrito and toppings.. It can be quite expensive ($9 for a large?!) but we splurged a little and got the large anyway. :) Look at the size of those bad boys!

Hers; his

My order: chicken with cheese, salsa, lettuce, guacamole and burrito sauce. His order: steak with beans, rice, green peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, guacamole and burrito sauce (aka everything). I am a sauce girl.. I love my food to be SWIMMING in it, and this did not disappoint.. I made a huuuuuge mess and there was sauce dripping down my fingers.. The chicken is extremely tender, and the tortilla has a nice crisp to it from being grilled. I'm drooling for another one..

Customary action shot! PN cracks like up mad every time he sees that photo.. he says my face muscles are working so hard, LOL. PS, you guys have nooo idea how many photos I made PN take before he could come up with that middle one.

Wearing: Top - Forever21, Shorts - Zara, Shoes - See by Chloe, Bag, Watch - Aldo

Monday, July 26, 2010

Instant gratification

All I ever seem to be doing lately is going to school or working, so I wanted a day where I could indulge in my favourite things... Soaking up the sun and pigging out!

PN and I took the time to FINALLY explore Unionville today. It's been on our to do list ever since we started dating two years ago, and we finally got to cross it off our list! It's located in Markham, and is such a cute area to walk around! It's filled with cobbled sidewalks, flowers and unique shops/boutiques. Almost every restaurant/pub had patio seating!

First shop we stopped in was Old Firehall Confectionary. LOOK AT THE ARRAY OF TREATS! Of course we couldn't leave without ordering some..

Stopped by a pub to order some grub.. Which we murdered, of course.

So I asked PN to take some outfit photos for me, but you can CLEARLY see where his focus was, haha JERK! And teehee at his shadow peeking in the corner of the second picture. We finished off the day by lounging by a pool and having dinner with his family at Pickle Barrel.. NEVER AGAIN! There was a hair in our appetizer, and for those of you who follow me on Twitter, A SPIDER CRAWLED OUT OF MY SALAD. Only upside was the free meal and dessert tray. SHUDDER.

Wearing: Tube dress - American Apparel, Black oversized tank - Aritzia, Bracelets, rings & headband - Aldo, Forever21, Sandals - Urban Planet

Monday, July 19, 2010

Free car wash?

Met up with PN today to grab lunch and get the oil changed on my car (which I was supposed to do three weeks ago, oops!). They even gave me a free car wash :D.

LOL @ the awkward pose.. Only way I could think to get jewelry into the photo.

What I'm wearing: Top, rings - Forever21, Skirt, belt - American Apparel, Sandals (not in photo) - Old Navy, Bracelet - House of Harlow

I told my niece to smile and this is what she came up with, ahahah. She's smiling SO hard it looks like it hurts. PN and my nephew in the background!

Friday, July 16, 2010

(Gene Simmons) Family Jewels

So Pam recently twitted a picture of her jewelry organizer and I felt totally inspired to get my junk in order. I visited a store called Solutions. Let me tell you guys I was in HEAVEN! I looooove wandering around storage/furniture places, especially when I don't have any specific things I'm looking for. I love wandering up and down every aisle and just looking at all the items.. I used to do this in IKEA, but anybody who's been to an IKEA knows that it can get crazy frustrating to be in there..
So I found my organizers in the 'Bath' section (yeah, I really don't know why..) and they actually have tons of cosmetics organizers as well. The selection wasn't too crazy in terms of colours/patterns, but I did find something I liked. I forgot to take a picture of it before I filled it up :(. It's pretty simple though.. Stackable containers that come in different sizes and have a bunch of different compartments. I bought two, and a lid to keep the dust out. Each container was $10, and the lid was $5.

Behold, my masterpiece!

One for my silver, and one for my gold! Everything fit perfectly... And if I get any more jewelry, I can always buy another organizer :D.

Now to find something that will fit my bracelets...

All jewelry from: Forever21, H&M, ALDO Accessories

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hungry like the wolf

I have been feasted upon by mosquitoes today, I must have yummy blood. Went swimming today and emerged with 6 bites, one of them being ON MY FACE. It could have been worse though, PN has about 7, 5 being all over his head.. And speaking of heads, he smashed his at the bottom of the pool and now has a huge lump on his forehead. That's what you get for diving in the shallow end, tsk tsk.

And now on to a haul! Someone asked me on Formspring once if I shopped a lot. I know that if you were to judge it on my gimungous hauls, the answer would be DUH, but that's not actually the case (sort of). My hauls are usually never all bought in one day, or even in one week. It's usually things that I've bought in the past month or two. While I do go to the mall quite often, I never actually spend more than $50 in one go.

But I digress.

Pink & Grey blouses - Forever21, Bodycon dress - H&M

Loooooooving the pattern on this bodycon dress. The sleeves are sooo tight my giant hands have trouble getting in the sleeves sometimes.

Denim shorts - Forever21, Riding shorts - Zara

I know this picture of the riding shorts is faaaaaaar from flattering, but it looks great with a white blouse tucked in!

Romper, dress, top - Forever21

It's all in the (back) details..

My ass in that romper = flat as cardboard, LOL. But it's so comfy to run errands in.

Wedges - Zara

Accessories - Forever21

I shop waaay too often from Forever21, and I'm slowly weaning myself off.. but it's so hard when everything is so darn cheap!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Under the Sea

If you're hankering for some good seafood, I definitely recommend Big Daddy's Crab Shack. It's located on King Street in downtown Toronto, and is one of the best places for fresh raw oysters. PN and I went last week for dinner, and we totally pigged out.

It can be quite hard to notice this restaurant since it's actually underground, and they only have this very simple sign outside. You can choose to eat outside on the top level in the warmer weather, but we opted to go indoors. It has a very jazzy/vintage feel to the place. Everything is made out of wood, and the tables are covered in red table cloths and photos/paintings were framed in gold. They also have cute blackboards that list the specials as well as the different kinds of raw oysters they have.

Clam chowder; Seafood gumbo

I had the seafood gumbo, and it was mehhh. A bit of spice to it, which was nice. There was only ONE oyster in it -_-. This was quite filling, as there was rice and crab in it as well. The clam chowder was eeeeeeexcellent. Extremely creamy and tons of little clams bursting with flavour.

Shrimp cocktail; Crispy calamari

These are pretty classic staples, nothing extraordinary. The shrimp were huge and perfectly cooked. The calamari was very fresh and tender, but the batter was kind of disappointing. The first time we had this, it was light and crispy, but this time it was kind of soggy. Both were served with classic seafood sauce.

Raw oysters!

The three sad little oysters on the left are from our first order.. I've had almost every kind of baked/steamed/cooked oysters, but I've never had them raw! PN despises them, but we were both pleasantly surprised by these. We asked the server to choose the types for us, and he served us Maritime oysters. They were salty and briny and the lemon was a nice touch. We were so pleased we ordered the Chef's special, which is a dozen oysters. They come with a tray of special house sauces, but I preferred them with the lemon. Just one question... are you supposed to chew them, or just swallow? LOL

Big Daddy's Crab Boil

The presentation of this was so UGLY, LOL. The first time we ordered this a year ago, it came in a cute black pot, but now it's just served on a plain ol' plate. It comes with king crab, shrimp, crawfish, mussels, red skin potatoes, sausage, and corn on the cob. The mussels were the only thing that was lacking.. They tasted completely of onions, blargh. This comes with a little pot of garlic butter that is heated by a candle.

Mississippi Chocolate Mud Pie; Apple Ginger Crumble

The mud pie was nothing special, I definitely wouldn't order it again. The cake or 'pie' or whatnot was HARD like a mother, but the marshmallow topping was really good and not too overly sweet. The apple ginger crumble was quite good. The ginger was a strong taste, but a good complement to the apple. The baked apples were not as soft as I like them to be, but it's all about preference. The scoop of ice cream is vanilla flavoured. I iz drool all over the place.

Totally unrelated, but my makeup for the day. I totally forgot how to take photos of eye makeup, LOL. Flash, natural light, or a lamp? Zoom or no zoom? Any pointers?

Used: MAC pigment in 'Gold Mode' (all over lid)
MAC e/s in 'Espresso' (outer v)
MAC e/s in 'Wedge' (crease)
MAC e/s in 'Blanc Type' (highlight)
MUFE aqua eyes liner in '1L' and '14L' (top lash line, waterline)
ARDELL lashes in 'Scanties'
MAC l/s in 'Jest' (all over lips)
MAC l/s in 'Sunsational' (centre of lips)