Thursday, June 3, 2010

Swing, battah battah battah!

The weather was quite gorgeous this past Monday, and it was a perfect day to spend outdoors. I've been dying to get to some batting cages lately, so PN and I went on a little date! I love seeing tons of photos when I read other people's blogs, so expect some heavy loading.

It was quite the scenic drive up to Stouffville, which was a bit weird because I'm used to seeing people pee on the side of buildings or low riding cars zipping around everywhere sounding like a jet engine.

The place we went to is called Timber Creek Wolf, and they had a driving range, batting cages, mini-golf, and mining for gemstones. Since it was a Monday afternoon, it was pretty quiet when we got there. Only a couple people were braving the heat to golf a few balls on the driving range.

We only wanted to try the batting cages, and it was $10 bucks for 6 tokens, and each token got you 15 pitches. I'm assuming that's pretty cheap, but time passes by really fast! I think we finished all the tokens within half an hour..

LOL this picture cracks me up every time...

Black Raspberry Thunder and Heavenly Hash - raspberry ice cream with white chocolate chunks, marshmallow ice cream with chocolate covered peanuts

They serve food there (hot dogs, burgers, etc.) and some ice cream as a nice way to cool off.. Everyone was pretty friendly. The raspberry ice cream was the most flavourful, which was kind of disappointing because I don't like fruity ice cream. :( Never had marshmallow ice cream before, didn't really have any taste to it. Peanuts were waaaaaay too salty.

We were starving after, so we wandered around on Main Street to try and find a diamond in the rough, and we came upon the Fickle Pickle:

PN didn't think to get the banner, so here I am posing next to their pickle man

Very cute interior, very old fashioned with dark green leather booth seats and ketchup bottles without the squeezy thingy. They had a huge menu above the bar top, looked like movie times at an old school cinema. There were two little old ladies who were working that day, and only one other customer in the diner.

One piece halibut and chips, side of coleslaw and a pickle

Chicken caesar wrap with fries and a pickle, pea soup (not pictured)

The fish batter was very crisp, just the way I like it. The halibut itself was kind of chewy. PN enjoyed it, but I prefer mine a bit more tender and flaky. Coleslaw was tangy, and the pickle was nice and sour, but SOFT rather than crunchy. The fries were AMAZING! Crunchy outside, soft mushy inside, slathered in ketchup... delish.. The wrap was so-so. Not enough dressing, and the chicken was greasy.

All in all, a nice Monday afternoon date. :) Now to end with a random photo.

I look fake in this photo, but it's still cute!

What I'm wearing: Feather fedora, Patterned top, Braided belt - F21, Shorts - H&M, Sandals - Urban Planet, Bracelet - House of Harlow

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Elle said...

looks lots of fun, i never went batting before... wonder if i ever will haha

i love posts with loads of pics and you nailed it x] it's pretty hot here in new york also, i remember last year i went to canada (toronto area)and it was blazing hot! love the fedora!!!


btw, if you want to know more about me, i do have another blog besides this one =]

MeiBelle said...

awh sounds like you had a ton of fun girl! I love that entire outfit on you especially the hat! =)

Letitia said...

YES! Fellow fashion-loving Canadian! Love the top.
Hope you check out my blog and youtube!

Letitia said...

YES! Fellow fashion-loving Canadian! Love the top.
Hope you check out my blog and youtube!