Thursday, June 17, 2010

Russian roulette is not the same without a gun..

Bodysuits are naturally associated with Lady Gaga, but thankfully, these ones are a bit more wearable. :) These are just the items that I purchased in my previous haul photo, and I've just finally gotten around to pulling them from the bag.

The first two bodysuits are the same, but in two different colours (duh). They're quarter-length sleeves, with the whole puffy/ruched shoulder thing.

Black & gray ruched bodysuits - $17.80

The next two are pretty basic, tank-top body suits. They make me want to start doing aerobics..

Gray & white tank-top body suits - $12.80

I love the grandma-ish flower pattern on these new shades, which are wayfarer style. I'm actually wearing them in my current profile picture. Silver stackable rings, pretty self-explanatory.

Shades - $12.80 (I think), Rings - $5.80

These are actually my first pair of wedges! I love the cognac colour and how it's a bit gladiator-ish without being too strappy. The only bad thing is that the heel is on the small side. I'm a tiny person, so the higher, the better!

Wedges - $55

There was also that La Senza bag, but I'll leave that a mystery. :) I'll try and incorporate some of these items in an Outfit of the Day post soon! Till theeeeeeeen, xoxo.

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MeiBelle said...

po-po-po-poker face, she's got to love nobody!

i love it on you and those shoes are fab!! I love the face you're making in the grey bodysuit haha so cute!