Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lips like sugar

Sugar is similar to places like Go For Tea and Destiny Tea House. They specialize in bubble tea, or boba, as well as desserts. They do have a dinner menu, but like I said, the emphasize is on the desserts!

It was a balmy night, and I had just spent 8 hours babysitting my niece and nephew.. Believe me, it's like a job! As much as I adore and love them, they remind me of how I strongly do not want to have children of my own. They're little hooligans... -_- They never give me two minutes to myself, which is why I was starving by the time they left. They don't even let me go to the bathroom in peace! Anyway, I've been to Sugar once before, and they had a few renovations done since I've been.

The sign; Interior (ps, that's me drooling over our neighbor's order)

The spread

Spicy seafood ramen; Boiled lettuce leaves, soy sauce, hot pot rice

Brown rice with shrimp and papaya

The soup was tasty, but nothing special.. it was spicy enough to leave some tingle in my mouth! PN was absolutely dying after tasting the soup.. He can't handle the spicy stuff 'cause he's Chinese, ahaha. The noodles were just the right kind of chewiness, and that was the only absolute hit with this dish. It tasted really good, but I think it was just because I was starving. Boiled lettuce leaves are definitely nothing to talk about. I didn't really taste PN's dish.. I had some of his rice, but only because I looooove the soy sauce (it's the sweet kind). I've never really liked brown rice, but it wasn't bad. Texture is a bit different than white rice, but otherwise tastes the same!

Mango slush with fresh mango & tapioca; Milk tea with tapioca

For a place that's supposed to be known for its bubble tea, this thing was a maaaajor let down. It was supposed to have a layer of fresh mangoes on top, but they were faaaaar from fresh. That had that artificial flowery taste to it.. Very disappointing. And I dislike anything plain, so I didn't taste the milk tea.

Condensed milk toast; Mixed fruit with ice cream and something else..

I looooooove my condensed milk toast, but this was kind of a let down too. It's pretty hard to bomb toast, but somehow they did.. It was really soggy. I have NO idea what PN ordered.. I think he just saw the photo and was all '!!!!' All the fruit was fresh (except the mango) and the ice cream was mango flavoured... nothing special. There were little balls at the bottom, but I have no clue what it was.. PN thought it was tapioca, but they were really small and clear/white-ish.


Overall, I probably wouldn't come here again, unless it was with a group of friends and we couldn't decide on where to go.. What really cheesed me was the SERVICE! These Asian girls just basically walked around doing NOTHING. The desserts were brought first, even though we requested that they be brought at the end.. And they mixed up my drink order! It was supposed green apple green tea, AND my meal was supposed to come with a free milk pudding , bu that didn't make an appearance. Plus they didn't start clearing dishes until we were more than halfway done our dessert. Boo on you Asians. Nonetheless, we finished everything because I iz so hungee.

We watched 'The A-Team' after. Other than Bradley Cooper's chiseled chest, the movie wasn't very interesting. It was good, but nowhere near great.

All these photos have made me hungry again :(

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Elle said...

i haven't been to a place like that in a long time, work is taking a toll on me -_- nothing better than a good yummy condensed milk toast, just the thought makes me happy lol


PincStuff said...

ive been to this place! its kinda werid.. like a family-ish place, but serving food for or younger ppl...