Sunday, June 6, 2010

Damage control..

So I tell PN that we haven't gone shopping in a while, and this is what happens...

Forever21, Aldo, La Senza, MAC

.. should I do a haul post? I know I love to watch/read haul videos & posts.

To end things off on an even better note:

'Yee yee, take my picture!'

This is my niece! She's two and a half and that's her posing with her 'peace' sign. I had just given her a bath, hence the 'drowned rat' hair-do. Don't you just want to bite her face off?! PS, 'yee yee' means 'auntie' in Cantonese.

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Elle said...

i would love to see the haul post, it'll be crazy but worth it hahaha

and your niece is so adorable x] whatever she's eating, she making me want pho =x


MeiBelle said...

haha, yes I want to bite your niece's face off, she is toooooo cute!

I love watching haul posts! Especially from people i like ~__^ so I definitely think you should do one =)

` crystaℓℓ♥ said...

yes you should make a haul video!

` crystaℓℓ♥ said...

yes you should make a haul video!