Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'll never let you sweep me off my feet

Maxi dresses are making a return this summer.. I know many people think they're too short to pull off wearing one, but I promise you ANYONE can wear it. It's all about the length! If you're a tall girl, then obviously you won't need to alter it as most maxi dresses are cut for the leggy girls. If you're on the shorter side, like I am, then you have to alter the dress. I cut mine so that it flows to the top of my feet. You don't want to be dragging that skirt behind you! If you feel like that length makes you appear shorter, then trim the length even more so it ends at your ankles. It's all about experimenting!

Dress - Forever21

This is my first maxi dress ever, so I thought I'd keep it simple and purchase a plain black one. It has a tight banded top, and the bottom flows out from just underneath the chest area. There are two pockets, which I find quite convenient. I would suggest a non-patterned maxi dress to those first-time buyers out there. You can experiment with how to accessorize and wear it, and once you get the hang of it, you can go maxi-crazy.

Jewelry - Forever21, H&M

The first, and most easiest, way to wear a maxi is to BLING THE HELL OUT OF IT! Layer on those necklaces, pile on those rings.. You should jingle when you walk! I hardly wear more than two kinds of jewelry, and here's how I would separate them. Notice my horrendous tan lines? Anyone know a good spray-tanning place in Toronto? I am in dire need.. :(

Belt - Forever21

Who says you have to wear a maxi dress as a maxi? If you're going from a beach to a night out on the town kind of look, it's sooo simple to convert your dress. All I did was grab the hem in the front and tuck it into the tight, banded part. I threw the belt on over top to disguise the slight bulge it made. I left the back hem because I like the 'tail' look. Obviously, if you're not a fan, then tuck the hem in all the way around and it makes a cute bubble skirt. I didn't think to do a side view, sorry :(.

Cropped top - Forever21, Belt - H&M

This is definitely gypsy-inspired. I've never been a fan of full-length skirts either, but I like the way this outfit flows! All I did was pull the tight band down to my waist and folded it so it was low on my hips. I belted it to hide the tag that was showing at the back. This is a great way to show a bit of skin without being too revealing, and also a creative way to utilize a cropped top.

Hope this was inspiring and helpful to those of you who were asking about how to wear a maxi. Anyone else have a creative way to wear the maxi? I'd love to hear about it, :).

PS, I like the new template options :D

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lips like sugar

Sugar is similar to places like Go For Tea and Destiny Tea House. They specialize in bubble tea, or boba, as well as desserts. They do have a dinner menu, but like I said, the emphasize is on the desserts!

It was a balmy night, and I had just spent 8 hours babysitting my niece and nephew.. Believe me, it's like a job! As much as I adore and love them, they remind me of how I strongly do not want to have children of my own. They're little hooligans... -_- They never give me two minutes to myself, which is why I was starving by the time they left. They don't even let me go to the bathroom in peace! Anyway, I've been to Sugar once before, and they had a few renovations done since I've been.

The sign; Interior (ps, that's me drooling over our neighbor's order)

The spread

Spicy seafood ramen; Boiled lettuce leaves, soy sauce, hot pot rice

Brown rice with shrimp and papaya

The soup was tasty, but nothing special.. it was spicy enough to leave some tingle in my mouth! PN was absolutely dying after tasting the soup.. He can't handle the spicy stuff 'cause he's Chinese, ahaha. The noodles were just the right kind of chewiness, and that was the only absolute hit with this dish. It tasted really good, but I think it was just because I was starving. Boiled lettuce leaves are definitely nothing to talk about. I didn't really taste PN's dish.. I had some of his rice, but only because I looooove the soy sauce (it's the sweet kind). I've never really liked brown rice, but it wasn't bad. Texture is a bit different than white rice, but otherwise tastes the same!

Mango slush with fresh mango & tapioca; Milk tea with tapioca

For a place that's supposed to be known for its bubble tea, this thing was a maaaajor let down. It was supposed to have a layer of fresh mangoes on top, but they were faaaaar from fresh. That had that artificial flowery taste to it.. Very disappointing. And I dislike anything plain, so I didn't taste the milk tea.

Condensed milk toast; Mixed fruit with ice cream and something else..

I looooooove my condensed milk toast, but this was kind of a let down too. It's pretty hard to bomb toast, but somehow they did.. It was really soggy. I have NO idea what PN ordered.. I think he just saw the photo and was all '!!!!' All the fruit was fresh (except the mango) and the ice cream was mango flavoured... nothing special. There were little balls at the bottom, but I have no clue what it was.. PN thought it was tapioca, but they were really small and clear/white-ish.


Overall, I probably wouldn't come here again, unless it was with a group of friends and we couldn't decide on where to go.. What really cheesed me was the SERVICE! These Asian girls just basically walked around doing NOTHING. The desserts were brought first, even though we requested that they be brought at the end.. And they mixed up my drink order! It was supposed green apple green tea, AND my meal was supposed to come with a free milk pudding , bu that didn't make an appearance. Plus they didn't start clearing dishes until we were more than halfway done our dessert. Boo on you Asians. Nonetheless, we finished everything because I iz so hungee.

We watched 'The A-Team' after. Other than Bradley Cooper's chiseled chest, the movie wasn't very interesting. It was good, but nowhere near great.

All these photos have made me hungry again :(

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Not a thiiiiing to do, but talk to you

Floral print is going to be HUGE this summer, but I know it can be hard to pull off for some people.. You either look childish, or like a grandma. If you're going to try and incorporate this pattern in to your wardrobe, try and avoid the larger print. I totally ignored that rule in this particular outfit (teehee), but I think it works, mostly because of the shorter sleeve.

Top half; bottom half

Close ups:

I think I have too much Domo..

What I'm wearing: Floral bodysuit - Forever21, Skirt - American Apparel, Accessories: Forever21 and House of Harlow, Wedges - Aldo

Does any one else have trouble taking photos of themselves? I feel intensely awkward and don't really know how to position myself when I use my mini-tripod, so I resort to some good ol' mirror shots. Someone teach me the waayss :(

PS, my door just randomly opened by itself, and now I'm freaked out.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Russian roulette is not the same without a gun..

Bodysuits are naturally associated with Lady Gaga, but thankfully, these ones are a bit more wearable. :) These are just the items that I purchased in my previous haul photo, and I've just finally gotten around to pulling them from the bag.

The first two bodysuits are the same, but in two different colours (duh). They're quarter-length sleeves, with the whole puffy/ruched shoulder thing.

Black & gray ruched bodysuits - $17.80

The next two are pretty basic, tank-top body suits. They make me want to start doing aerobics..

Gray & white tank-top body suits - $12.80

I love the grandma-ish flower pattern on these new shades, which are wayfarer style. I'm actually wearing them in my current profile picture. Silver stackable rings, pretty self-explanatory.

Shades - $12.80 (I think), Rings - $5.80

These are actually my first pair of wedges! I love the cognac colour and how it's a bit gladiator-ish without being too strappy. The only bad thing is that the heel is on the small side. I'm a tiny person, so the higher, the better!

Wedges - $55

There was also that La Senza bag, but I'll leave that a mystery. :) I'll try and incorporate some of these items in an Outfit of the Day post soon! Till theeeeeeeen, xoxo.

Monday, June 14, 2010


I hate summer classes! I've taken summer classes since first year of University, and as much as I hate not having a real summer, I'd rather this then a full course load for my fall/winter semester. I'm currently studying for a midterm that's coming up, but I wanted to just do a quick blog post. Went to the Toronto Zoo last week, and they had the Stingray Bay exhibit up! I'll try to keep pictures to a minimum since I know it makes the post meeeeeeeega long. Click on photos to enlarge, :).

The entrance; Lonely tiger

The elephants looked particularly sad, :(; Orangutan!

I'm such a poser haha; Giraffes

This bad boy walked right in between us on the pathway and gave us a dirty look as he passed by.

We both look kinda surprised here; Apple & cinnamon beaver tail, YUM!

Jellyfish; Stingrays

Feeding the stingrays

So this particular exhibit changes every year (I think). The last time I went to the zoo, it was a dinosaur exhibit. This was exciting because PN and I had recently gone to Punta Cana on vacation, where we got to swim with the stingrays! The employees walked around with a container full of tiny dead fish, and they taught us how to hold our hands to feed the stingrays. Their mouths are at the bottom, so they swim right over your hand. The ones we touched at the zoo felt entirely different from the ones on vacation. The zoo ones felt slimy and kind of smooth, like a mushroom. The ones we touched on vacation were hairy and prickly. They even had a nurse shark at the exhibit, but he stayed in the middle so no one got to touch/feed it.

Signing off with a quick outfit of the day picture!

What I'm wearing: Boyfriend Blazer - Zara, Bodysuit, skirt & sunglasses - Forever21, Sandals - Old Navy, Bag - Thrifted

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

MAC Warehouse Sale - June 2010

So I attended the Mac/Estee Lauder Warehouse sale on the last day, which was the Sunday, with PN and a friend. (For those of you who have never heard of this, I have a video on it that you can watch by clicking here) The sale started at 9am that day, and we were in line by 8. It was really crappy/rainy weather, so there were probably only about 15 people ahead of us, and they opened up the building early so we wouldn't have to wait outside in the rain. Of course, by the time the sale started, the line was wound up in a quadruple S and was out the door. I actually spent quite a lot this time around, I really don't know what happened. :( My poor wallet. Now on to the haul! Get ready for a shitload of photos..

Eye products:

Smokes and Mirrors Holiday 2009 Palette

Swatches with non-flash and flash:

L to R: Bell-Bottom Blue, Gold Mode, Perky, Material Gold, Femme Fi (VP), Copperplate (M2), Of Summer(S)

Bell-Bottom Blue is a very sparkly, blue with a hint of purple, while Gold Mode is exactly that -- gold. Perky looks more coral in the pot, but swatches a true pink. Material Gold is a very sheer gold. Femme Fi is a shimmery white gold. Copperplate looks more brown in the pan, but swatches like more of a taupe (brown/gray). Of Summer is a lilac colour with a hint of pink undertone, and of course the palette doesn't need swatching because I'm sure there are 2390572348957 photos out there.

Face products:

Swatches with non-flash and flash:

L to R: Ladyblush, Improvise, Summer Rose, Medium Shimmer, Medium Natural

Ladyblush looks like a warm, medium pink in the pan, but swatches very cool-toned. Improvise is a shimmery coral, and Summer Rose is a sheer mauve (swatched heavily in this picture). The MSF shimmer side is very pigmented, while the natural was quite sheer (also swatched heavily).

Lip products:

Swatches with non-flash and flash:

L to R: Goldyrocks, Crosswire, Ever So Rich, Fierce & Fabulous, She-Boom!

Goldyrocks is a very sheer yellow with pink, purple and silver glitter (in my opinion). Crosswire a very warm strawberry colour, while Ever so Rich is a pale pink with a hint of purple in it. Fierce & Fabulous and She-Boom! are very similar in colour, a hot magenta, but F&F has more shimmer.

Charity package:

Swatches with non-flash and flash:

L to R: Lustrewhite, Pret-a-Papier, Taupe, Brill(S)

Lustrewhite is a clear gloss with multi-coloured sparkles, and Pret-a-Papier is a dark reddish-brown. Taupe is exactly that, and Brill is a frosty mint-green.


Clockwise from bottom left: Duo sharpener, #20 lashes, Moisturelush Cream, Secret Crush See-Thru Lip Colour x 2, Danger Zone Eyeshadow, Sweet William Blushcreme Pearl x 2

These won't be swatched because it's either unnecessary, gifts, or future prizes.

This post is ginormous so I end it with a simple 'the end.'